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Valuations, Insurance and Engraving

Valuations, Insurance and Engraving
Jewellery & Gift Engraving

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is a traditional craft which has long been used to symbolise wealth and luxury through the ornamentation and personalisation of a wide variety of items.

By the time of the Renaissance it was a highly esteemed skill which had become a closely guarded, secretive art, reluctantly passed onto the next generation from master craftsman to apprentice. This endured into the 20th century but today the hand engraving fraternity actively seeks to preserve its craft by training others in the expert techniques, which still include some practiced by the Renaissance goldsmiths.

This highly specialist expertise, which requires attention to detail and artistic and calligraphic talent, affords endless scope for decoration, from simple to very elaborate designs. It is a truly beautiful way to distinguish a gift.

W. E. Clark & Son sell many articles suitable for hand engraving.

Prices start from £45.00

Jewellery Engraving Service Sussex
Engraving for Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, Eternity Rings, Awards & Trophies & Keepsakes

Machine Engraving

We have invested in the latest equipment to enable us to engrave letters, numerals, photos and images onto almost any item in-house. This state of the art machine offers a choice of over 200 fonts and is capable of engraving onto any metal or glass surface.

W. E. Clark & Son sell many items suitable for machine engraving.

Prices start from £20.00

Seal Engraving

The use of wax seals has been traced back to the ancient world when they were used to denote authenticity in the same way a signature is used today. Initially their use was restricted to eminent individuals such as monarchs and bishops but, with the passage of time, they gradually became more widespread to include monasteries, guilds and aristocrats and finally the wider population.

A seal typically consists of an heraldic crest which is engraved onto a signet ring using the ancient craft of intaglio. Our highly skilled craftsman makes a counter-relief (reverse) engraving onto gold, platinum or gemstone and this produces an image in relief (positive) when an impression is taken.

W. E. Clark & Son possess some rare books of heraldry and we shall be delighted to help should you need assistance in finding your family crest.

Prices start from £275.00

Valuation service
in Lewes and Uckfield Showrooms

W.E. Clark and Son use the services of an Jewellery Valuers Association Independent Valuer who is a FGA and DGA qualified Gemmologist. Julian possess the expertise, experience and scientific instruments. All of which are required to provide accurate valuations for modern and antique jewellery, objects made of precious metals and watches. Click here to find out more about our Jewellery Valuations and engraving serivces. We also buy and sell second hand jewellery.

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