Jewellery Valuations in Lewes & Uckfield, Sussex

Expert Jewellery Valuations

Lewes and Uckfield Showrooms

W.E.Clark & Son are one of a few jewellers in Sussex to offer the services of a highly respected Independent Valuer. He has achieved fellowship status with the Jewellery Valuers Association, and he is a qualified FGA and DGA Gemmologist, with prestigious associate membership of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

Jewellery Valuer

Julian Cousins (FGA DGA FJVA) - Jewellery Valuers Association Registration Number: 20101

Julian our highly respected Valuer possesses the expertise, experience and scientific instruments required to provide accurate valuations for modern and antique jewellery, watches, diamonds and gemstones, and any objects made from precious metals. All valuations we make are prompt, professional and confidential.

Types of Jewellery Valuations we Offer

More than ever before, Insurance companies are insisting on professional valuation documents for all high-value and specified jewellery, watches and silverware. An up-to-date valuation document is considered essential if you want to ensure your jewellery is adequately covered. Only a Valuer, such as ours, can issue a valuation document that is guaranteed to be accepted by all insurance companies.

We offer all types of jewellery valuation including:

  1. Insurance Replacement
  2. Probate
  3. Family Division
  4. Divorce
  5. Capital gains
  6. Private sales
  7. Auction

Whatever type of valuation is required, our Valuer will provide you with a fully researched, professional document. A valuation requires skilful appraisal of precious metals, gemstones, and craftsmanship. Our highly experienced Valuer will research and appraise your jewellery item and offer an expert opinion of authenticity and value. With our expert service you will have the peace of mind that your valuation is extremely thorough, has been carried out by an expert and is accurate.

The Valuation Report

The schedule, or valuation report, consists of a detailed written description and a colour digital image for each item. This provides an unambiguous reference for the replacement of lost or stolen items.

Valuations are completed on the day with the paperwork and digital copy following on within a week. All items left with us for valuation are fully insured whilst in our possession. Our Valuer undertakes the work onsite at our Lewes showroom, every 2 weeks. Please call 01273 487816 to confirm the next valuation date.

For all of your jewellery valuation requirements in Sussex, please feel free to visit our Lewes or Uckfield showrooms or book an appointment to use this service.

Lost or Stolen Letter Service

W. E. Clark & Son is affiliated to the  Loss Management Group (LMG) and is recognised by most major insurance companies. This means should you have any requirements to replace missing or stolen items, you will be able to use us to assist you.

We carry out an expert appraisal of the current replacement value of a lost or stolen jewellery item based on a description and, if available, pictures and previous valuations. This is recorded in a Lost or Stolen Letter and forms the basis of your claim and will help to ensure you obtain an equal substitute.


Our valuations are suitable for Insurance Replacement, Probate, Private Sale, or Family Division.

  1. Our fees consist of a document Fee of £65.00, plus a charge of £60 per item. Please note items (maximum of 5) with a total value under £500 are grouped as 'miscellaneous' and treated as one item.
  2. The fee for single diamonds over 1 carat is £75 per carat.
  3. All fees include VAT and are payable on collection of items.
  4. The Lost or Stolen Letter fee for insurance purposes is £40.00. This is fully refundable should W. E. Clark & Son provide a replacement. Please ask us as we will always do our utmost to help find a suitable replacement for your lost or stolen jewellery.

It is worth noting that many insurers will direct you towards a high street chain to seek a replacement. Unfortunately, it is likely with a high street chain that you won’t receive a like for like replacement. Our expertise equips us to assist you in obtaining an accurate replacement of your lost or stolen jewellery. In order to take advantage of this, simply inform your insurance company you wish to deal with W. E. Clark & Son. We are always happy to help.

Example. You have 5 items for a valuation.

Item Assessed Value Fee
Schedule Fee - £ 65.00
Ring £ 5,000 £ 60.00
Pendant £ 2,000 £ 60.00
Watch £ 1,000 £ 60.00
Locket £ 200 £ 60.00
Chain £ 175 G
Earrings £ 100 G
Total £ 8,475 £ 305.00

G = Grouped Item Under £500 Value

Valuation Requirements

In order for our Valuer to carry out an accurate valuation, it is useful for you to bring along as many of the following as possible, as well as, of course, the items themselves. These aren’t essential, but can be helpful:

  • Original packaging
  • Original receipt
  • Diamond certificates
  • Customs or import information
  • Any previous valuations
  • Repair documents

Call us now on +44 (0) 1273 487816 to discuss your jewellery valuation requirements in Sussex.