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At W.E. Clark and Son we pride ourselves on the wide range of jewellery we offer to our customers from our exclusive Clark collection to fine pieces and collections from world renowned jewellery names. In addition, we have an extensive collection of second-hand jewellery with beautiful antique and vintage pieces to choose from.

We also buy old unwanted, damaged or unfashionable jewellery. If you have a diamond ring you want to sell or an old bracelet you no longer wear, you have been gifted that you don’t like, or if you have inherited a piece of jewellery that does not suit your style, you may want to consider selling your unwanted jewellery items to us. 

Why Sell Your Jewellery to Us?

Selling unwanted jewellery can be a quick way to earn extra cash for a special treat, a holiday or to purchase a special piece of jewellery that is more suited to your taste. But, many specialist cash-for-gold companies may not offer you the best price. 

W.E. Clark and Son is a high street jeweller with a trusted reputation for offering fair prices when buying jewellery. We are one of the best places in the UK to sell an unwanted diamond ring, an old brooch, an unloved necklace, or even a piece of inherited jewellery. We have our own experts and our gemmologists have had several years training so are able to identify all gem stones and determine their true value. We have the expertise to offer a fair price for any piece of jewellery.

We have extensive knowledge about jewels and precious metals, so if your jewellery is authentic and in good condition, you can be sure we will give you a fair price related to the entire piece of jewellery, not just for its gold, diamonds or gemstones.

Another reason we may be in a good place to buy from you is in our eye for remodelling jewellery

There are a number of factors that will affect how much your jewellery is worth. 

The World Trade Price of Gold and Silver

The price of silver and gold is set in London twice each day. This sets a trading price and is widely used as a benchmark for pricing gold and silver products throughout the world. The price of gold is for pure gold (.9999 fineness). The gold alloys used for making jewellery contain percentages of fine gold. For example, 9 carat gold contains 37.5 per cent of fine gold. The fineness of the gold in your jewellery will determine how much it is worth.


The Value of any Gemstones

Gems are an important part of any jewellery and while you don’t need a gemmologist to sell your jewellery, getting advice from our gemmologist will mean your gems will be correctly identified between real and synthetic and valued correctly.

The Style

Stylised pieces of jewellery that have gone out of fashion may lose their value. However, some classic styles stay around for decades and if in good condition can still hold their value well. Unfashionable jewellery will not generally command a premium price. However, an antique piece could turn out to be highly collectible and command a high price. We have the expertise to determine the true value of your jewellery.

The Condition

The condition of the jewellery you are selling will be a major factor in determining the price. Damaged jewellery may not be restored easily. The cost of restoration would have to be justified in the price paid. Badly damaged jewellery may only be bought at its intrinsic worth (the intrinsic value is the value of the metal, plus the price of any gems).

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