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There is nothing more special than a gift with a personal touch. Engraving a special message on a piece of jewellery or homeware is the perfect way to give a loved one a unique and meaningful gift they can treasure forever.

At W.E. Clark we have our own state-of-the-art engraving equipment to ensure anything we engrave is carried out to absolute perfection. Our expert can machine engrave messages on a wide variety of items made from any metal, precious metal or glass.

We can also arrange specialist hand engraving of any jewellery, as well as seal engraving onto signet rings, which makes a wonderful and unusual gift. Our hand engraving and seal engraving service isn’t available on-site. These are extremely specialist areas, which is why we have teamed up with the best.

We can engrave wedding bands, pendant necklaces, baby identity bracelets, bangles, cufflinks, brooches, frames, cups, trophies, napkin rings, seal stamps and any suitable wedding, christening or special occasion gifts. Choose from a wide variety of character fonts and symbols. Hand engraving can be in any style you wish.

Any item you would like engraved, please bring it into one of our shops and we can arrange to have your piece beautifully crafted with a special message for you. We have many beautiful jewellery pieces in our shops suitable for engraving if you are looking to purchase a gift and would like to add that extra special personal touch.

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is a traditional craft requiring highly specialist expertise. We have chosen to work with an exceptional hand engraving specialist trained and experienced in the art who can handcraft your special message in a style to suit your exact specifications.

Hand engraving requires attention to detail, and an extremely high level of artistic and calligraphic talent. With W.E. Clark you can be confident you will be getting an engraving service of the highest standard.

If you need help deciding on the style, font or length of message, please speak with one of our expert jewellery consultants. Either call on 01273 487816 or pop into one of our shops and one of our professionally trained team will be able to help you.

Hand engraving prices start at £45.00 

Machine Engraving

We want to offer our customers the best engraving service in Sussex, so we have invested in the latest equipment to enable us to engrave letters, numerals, photos and images onto almost any item in-house. Our state-of-the-art machine offers over 200 fonts and is capable of engraving onto any metal or glass surface.

At W. E. Clark & Son, we sell many items suitable for machine engraving.

Machine engraving prices start at £20.00


Seal Engraving

Seal engraving can be traced back to Ancient China and Eastern Asia and was introduced to the Western world in the 12th century. Wax seals have been used for centuries to denote authenticity, just like a signature. Once confined to monarchs, bishops and aristocrats, seals became more widespread with the passage of time.

A seal typically consists of a heraldic crest which is engraved onto a signet ring using the ancient craft of intaglio. Seals are crafted by making a counter-relief (reverse), and then engraving onto gold, platinum or gemstone. This produces an image in relief (positive) when an impression is taken.

This type of engraving requires a specialist craftsman as it is always engraved in reverse and is much deeper than traditional hand engraving, often involving third and fourth dimensions with fine detailing. We send all of our seal engraving to a specialist as this is an incredibly niche area of engraving.

W. E. Clark & Son possess some rare books of heraldry and we would be delighted to help if you need assistance in finding your family crest. We also have a fine collection of signet rings in gold silver and platinum. Heraldic rings make a truly meaningful gift.

Seal engraving prices start from £275.00

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If you are interested in having any existing jewellery engraved, or if you would like to purchase and personalise any jewellery item from one of our exquisite collections, our professional and expert team are on hand to help you. Perhaps you would like a bespoke piece of jewellery made and engraved with a personal message to make your gift a special one?

Call us now or book an appointment for a bespoke consultation through our contact page. We would love to meet you. We can machine engrave your message in-house, or send any piece requiring hand engraving to our specialist to ensure your message is engraved perfectly.

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