All About Diamonds


Diamond Characteristics

The 4Cs are frequently referred to when describing diamonds; the benchmarks used to define their optical and physical properties, Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat weight determine their beauty and therefore their value.

Diamond Clarity

Diamonds are graded according to their clarity by identifying internal inclusions and surface blemishes at 10x magnification. Each diamond is uniquely characterised by nature’s fingerprint which acts to identify its authenticity.

  • FL - Internally and Externally Flawless.
  • IF - Internally Flawless.
  • VVS1 - Very Very Small Inclusions.
  • VVS2 - Very Very Small Inclusions.
  • VS1 - Very Small Inclusions.
  • VS2 - Very Small Inclusions.
  • SI1 - Inclusions visible with 10x magnification.
  • SI2 - Inclusions visible with 10x magnification.
  • P1 - Pique / Included - Inclusions visible to the naked eye.
  • P2 - Pique / Included - Inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Diamond Cut and Shape

Nature plays a dominant role in determining the Clarity, Colour and Carat weight of a diamond but releasing its spectacular sparkle and brilliance requires the intervention of man.
The proportions and symmetry of a diamond determine its beauty. The master craftsman adheres to a whole series of exacting tolerances to create the facets which refract and reflect the light that enters a diamond. When an ‘ideal cut’ is achieved the eye sees a dazzling display as every angle and every facet reflects a maximum light return. This brilliance enhances the appearance of the size, Colour and Clarity of the gem making Cut a vitally significant characteristic.

Diamond Colour

It is often thought that diamonds are colourless but in fact they are formed by nature in a wide range of hues. It is actually very rare to find a diamond with a total absence of colour and those that are command a high premium.
Diamond colour is graded on a scale ranging from D to Z, where D is colourless and Z is yellow.

Diamonds possessing a strong colour outside the normal colour range are termed Fancy diamonds and the rarer ones are much sought after.
Diamonds are graded in strictly controlled conditions against a master set of diamonds. Each diamond is viewed on white paper face down and matched to the master colour to categorise it. When viewed face up the reflection of light from an ideal cut diamond creates the perception of a whiter stone.

Diamond Carat Weight

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. The standard definition of one carat = 100 points = 200mg = 0.2 grams was adopted in the early 20th Century. Prior to this carob seeds were used as a counter balance when weighing a diamond. The small, uniform seeds were believed to be of a constant weight but in fact vary enough to be a less than perfect measure. The word carat is derived from the word carob.

The size of a stone in isolation does not set its value which is significantly influenced by Colour, Clarity and Cut. All four characteristics combined set the value of a diamond. 

Larger stones are relatively rare and as such command higher prices. A2 carat stone is valued at more than 2 x 1 carat stones of the same quality.

Clark Confidence 

The 5th C - Clark Confidence. We ensure that only hand selected stones of the highest aesthetic feature in our jewellery.
As long established family jewellers we pride ourselves on possessing the expertise and experience necessary to select fine diamonds and gemstones worthy of beautiful jewellery. We adhere to exacting standards in selecting and creating our jewellery and our desire to offer an excellent service.

Choosing Jewellery – The Clark Approach

A beautiful piece of jewellery should serve to enhance your sense of wellbeing whilst hinting at who you are. Be confident in selecting a piece that complements your personality.

Choosing jewellery far exceeds the 4Cs. The design, the play of the stones, the overall synergy is by far the best indicator of a lovely piece. The artistic form is evident in the simplest to the most elaborate creation from clean lines to complex compositions - striking jewellery elicits admiration.

We combine skill and flair to evaluate designs, gemstones and precious metals, identifying and fashioning pieces which merge these elements to emphasise their inherent beauty. Utilising our accumulated knowledge and expertise we offer superb jewellery for every price range.

Conflict Free

W. E. Clark & Son purchase only conflict free diamonds strictly adhering to the business practices required by the Kimberley Process.