Ring Sizing


A ring is shown to its best advantage when it sits elegantly on the hand. To achieve this it must be correctly sized.

Factors to Consider

Finger size fluctuates during the course of a day due to work, diet, exercise, the prevailing temperature, humidity and water retention. These factors need to be considered in addition to the band width and proportions of the ring as all influence the final size required.


We use a set of ring gauges, similar in width to the ring being sized, to measure your finger and take into consideration any other factors to decide on the best size for a good fit.

Planning a Surprise Presentation

If you are planning to surprise someone special with the presentation of a ring in the correct size you will need to employ a little stealth.  You may require some collusion from friends or family to either ascertain the ring size or borrow one of a similar style that currently fits.  Armed with either we are in possession of the knowledge required to size the ring. If you are unable to do this, don't despair, the ring can be sized later and undoubtedly your efforts will be much appreciated!

Ring Re-sizing

We size new rings and re-size rings which no longer fit.  A few styles of ring cannot be re-sized but we are able to advise you if this is the case.

Visit one of Our Showrooms

We offer a ring sizing service in our Lewes and Uckfield showrooms.



We have created a ring size guide to help you work out your correct ring size. Click here to view and print it.