The multicoloured gemstone Opal represents the month of October.

Opals exhibit a shifting play of kaleidoscopic colour unlike any other gemstone. The wide range of colours displayed led the Romans to believe it to be the most precious stone which held the highest powers. It was also believed to fall from the sky during thunderstorms and contained lightning. The ancient Greeks thought Opals gave them the gift of prophesy and protected them from disease and illness.

This beautiful gem is fragile and requires care when worn, they measure at 5 - 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Fun fact, they contain 20% water. When an opal is formed, silica gel fills crevices in rock, as water evaporates, the silica is deposited in the form of tiny spheres.

opal and diamond ring 

Australia became the primary commercial source of Opals in the late 1800s, however they can be found all around the world, mainly in countries that have seasonal rain, such as Ethiopia, Mexico and Brazil.
There are various types of opal, including black opal, fire opal, white opal, crystal opal and boulder opal. The main differences are their colour, transparency and host rock.

We have a selection of Clark hand selected opals set in both white and yellow gold, in addition to our pre-owned collection that frequently features opal items.
Below is a matching pendant and earring set featuring oval cut opals with a single diamond.

Opal pendantopal earrings

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