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Bespoke Necklaces
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Build wonderful memories with a W.E. Clark bespoke necklace or let us refashion an existing heirloom into something more in keeping with your style and tastes. A bespoke piece of jewellery can offer surprisingly good value and is the perfect way to create your own family heirloom that can be passed on to future generations.

A bespoke necklace is the ultimate statement for any outfit. Whether you are looking for a necklace for a special occasion, as a keepsake or purely for indulgence, our bespoke service will create a truly unique necklace just for you.

Perhaps you dream of a breathtaking diamond necklace, or would love an unusual gemstone pendant? Or perhaps you take pleasure in the idea of an understated demure dress necklace in a unique design? Whatever your design requirements, a unique Clark piece will always help you to stand out from the crowd and make you feel special.

Our experienced gemmologists specialise in sourcing rare and beautiful diamonds and gemstones, so you can be sure your bespoke necklace will have the most exquisite sparkle. From simple and sophisticated to extravagant designs, you can be sure with the Clark bespoke service you will finally have the necklace of your dreams.

The Clark Bespoke Experience

At W.E. Clark we are extremely proud to offer exceptional service and exquisite jewellery. All of our bespoke designs are handmade with meticulous attention to detail by expert hands. We believe the creation of a bespoke necklace is about capturing your story in a unique design, and we want you to enjoy the design process as much as the end result.

Collaboration is key in the design process so we will always listen to your ideas first. To begin, we offer exceptional expertise in a relaxed environment. In our special consulting space, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of champagne, while we listen to your ideas and start the design process with you.

As we learn about your ideas we will create hand-drawn sketches for you. We sometimes use computers to help in the design process, but only where we think it is appropriate. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is not suitable for all jewellery.

We always work with sensitivity to your budget. We can for example, use cast pieces for the chain, but add bespoke elements and hand selected diamonds or precious gems to make your necklace affordable, but totally unique. We can make every part of your necklace bespoke if you would prefer or we can refashion an old necklace using the original precious metals and stones.

Everything we can do to guide you with design, we will do, so for example, we can show you a selection of loose gemstones so you can select your favourite shape and cut. We can explore whether you like round, princess, marquise, oval or indeed any cut of gemstone.

Using our expertise we can explain the differences between the precious metals so you can make choices that are personal to you. Would you like your necklace in gold, rose gold, platinum, or palladium?

We compare our jewellery design process to that of buying a wedding dress. Developing the detail and fitting jewellery to your exact requirements is important throughout. The Clark design process is meticulous so we can be sure you get exactly the bespoke necklace you have always wanted, with one important difference. Clark bespoke is jewellery you can wear and enjoy every day for the rest of your life.

Everything we do is given the same care and attention. We want your bespoke necklace to be eye-catching and your Clark experience to be magical.

Bespoke Necklaces by W.E. Clark & Son

Our Expertise

We design and make the jewellery of your dreams to an exacting standard we are confident you will appreciate for years to come. Our whole team is passionate about refined and elegant jewellery and we see every commission as a privilege. Working with our customers to bring their dream jewellery pieces to life is what we love to do.

Our expert gemmologists source the most amazing diamonds and gemstones from the most highly regarded stone dealers in the jewellery trade. Your bespoke necklace is made using our own expert goldsmiths, who are exceptionally gifted in jewellery creation, diamond mounting and the hand-setting of gemstones. We do everything in-house so we can be sure our bespoke creations are of exceptional quality.

Our heart and soul goes into every commission, because we want you to fall in love with your unique piece of Clark jewellery. We invest in our staff because we believe every person working within our business should have the knowledge to guide you in making the perfect jewellery choices.

We have been established since 1819, and are still a family jewellery business with the 4th generation Clark at the helm today. Our reputation is second to none in the jewellery trade. Last year we were delighted to win three prestigious awards. We have customers who have commissioned several pieces over two or three generations. It’s something we are incredibly proud of.

We love nothing more than to serve families through their special occasions and milestone years. We know just how much special jewellery means for special occasions and nothing does that better than a Clark bespoke creation.

Our Exceptional Aftercare

We want your bespoke necklace to maintain its sparkle for life, so we are delighted to offer our bespoke customers a lifetime cleaning service. Simply pop into see us at anytime and we will clean and polish your bespoke necklace to keep it looking at its best. Our jewellery cleaning service is free of charge while you wait./p>

Come and See Us

Expect a warm welcome at any of our three showrooms where our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process for commissioning a bespoke pendant or necklace, or any other jewellery pieces you have in mind.

Pop in and see us, call us for a preliminary chat, or book an appointment through our contacts page