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Our Heritage

Our Heritage - 1819


The Beginning- W.E. Clark & Son

The business has had roots firmly in Lewes since 1819. The image shows the original 1 Cliffe High Street showroom, the image is dated circa. 1830.
The business was then owned by Mr Harris, who was then joined by Mr Kenward to become Harris & Kenward.
Then this is where W.E. Clark comes in….

Our Heritage - 1919


W.E. Clark- The Founder & 1st Generation

W.E. Clark purchased the business from Harris & Kenward in 1919 after moving from London. He settled in Lewes, and married Jean a beautiful hat model. The photo shows Wilfred Ernest (right) playing bowls at Lewes Bowling Club.

He ran the business at the 1 Cliffe High Street site, until 1947 when he handed over the reins to John Clark Senior.

Our Heritage - 1947


John Clark Senior- The 2nd Generation

John Clark Senior works alongside his father Wilfred Ernest for a short time, before fully taking over and continuing to run the business.

Whilst serving in Pesaro, Italy during WW2, John Clark Sr. met his wife to be Bruna. They both came back to England and settled in Lewes. Bruna was to become a very well-known and respected figure in the Lewes community, as she taught Latin and Italian at the Southover School in Lewes.

John Clark Sr. and Bruna had one child and that is John Clark Jnr.

Our Heritage - 1972


John Clark Jnr. The 3rd Generation

John Clark Jnr. trained at George Farrers Jewellers in Tunbridge Wells, and at the Jewellers and Silversmiths in Guildford

Then took over the business at 22 in 1972 and carried on running the business until 2007. He married- Madeleine Clark in 1974 and they had three children, Simon, Caroline and David.

Our Heritage - 1979


The Purchase Of Our Current Lewes Showroom

In 1979, John Clark Jnr. purchased the 224 High Street premises in Lewes. This now meant that W.E. Clark & Son had a showroom on either side of the historic Cliffe Bridge. At the back of the premises, the impressive extension can be seen, this was undertaken in 2012- creating the largest Jewellery showroom in the area.

Our Heritage - 2000


The Great Flood Decimates Lewes

The Great Flood hit Lewes on 12th October 2000, it was the worst flood to hit Lewes for 200 years. The result was that between 4 and 6 feet of water rushed through the two showrooms of W.E. Clark & Son.

The images show the devastation outside one of the showrooms. 

A disaster yes, but with every cloud, there is a silver lining…

Our Heritage - 2001


The 4th Generation Arrives

David Clark the fourth generation of the Clark family, joined the business. David was away at the time of the Great Flood in Lichfield Staffordshire training at another family business to gain experience. David came back to the business the day after the flood, and together with John Clark they worked together and built something very special.

Both showrooms in Lewes were totally refurbished, and the next period would see incredible growth of the business firmly establishing W.E. Clark & Son as the county jeweller of Sussex.

Our Heritage - 2005


Eastbournes' Oldest Jewellers Joins The Family

In 2005, the opportunity arose to bring Eastbourne’s oldest jewellers into the family. Charlwoods has been trading since 1883 and has established itself as the destination family jeweller in Eastbourne.

David Clark decided in 2008 to change the name to W.E. Clark & Son but was very careful to maintain the values of Charlwoods that the people of Eastbourne had come to love. To this day, 10 years on, our Eastbourne branch continues to provide the finest jewellery. We are delighted to have our own on-site watchmaker, who is able to repair any make or type of watch.

Our Heritage - 2012


Incredible Lewes Showroom Refurbishment 

In 2012 W.E. Clark & Son underwent a big redevelopment, to ensure a first class service could continue to be provided to their customers. The 224 High Street showroom became the sole splendid representation in Lewes for W.E. Clark & Son, with ownership of the original 1 Cliffe High Street building across being retained.
The 224 High Street showroom was extended by 2/3 and spans two floors, there are nine individual areas for customers to sit down and enjoy a coffee or a glass of Champagne.
The Eastbourne showroom also underwent a facelift, to now include separate seating areas for customers to sit down and take their time.
A visit to W.E. Clark & Son is about not feeling rushed, but about enjoying the experience.

Our Heritage - 2014


On-site Watch Repair Service Launches

The arrival of our Master Watchmaker, and the launch of www.weclarkwatchrepairs.co.uk 
This year heralded the launch of our own in-house watch repair service, by establishing an on-site watch repair workshop. W.E. Clark & Son has always offered a watch repair service, but by having our watchmaker on-site this now meant being able to offer a new level of service.

Our Master Watchmaker, is capable of repairing any timepiece- whether it be a 300 year old pocket watch or the latest brand wristwatch. He does specialise in vintage and pocket watch repairs, and this how now become our forte. When dealing with vintage time pieces, a lot of care and attention is required to ensure that the piece is repared and restored very carefully without impacting on the integrity of timepiece.