Here at W.E.Clark & Son we thrive on offering exceptional quality, fantastic customer service and excellent value for money, which is why we have such a wide offering of outstanding pre-owned jewellery to choose from that range in all different styles and prices.

Buying second-hand jewellery and watches can either fill people with excitement or apprehension. Here at W.E. Clark and Son we pride ourselves on our expertise in buying and selling wonderful preowned jewellery and watches.
We understand that to the untrained eye buying preowned jewellery can be daunting but we are here to make your experience easy and enjoyable.

Excellent quality and value for money:
There are multiple reasons why items of jewellery and watches enter the pre-owned market, some pieces may have been rarely worn, therefore you could be buying something at like-new quality for a lower price than when bought brand new.
At W.E.Clark & Son all items purchased for pre-owned are inspected and tested for authenticity & refurbished where needed by our in house goldsmiths before they are displayed on sale ensuring that the pieces are in an exceptional as near to new condition.

Wide selection of styles:
Our range of pre-owned jewellery offers items with something to suit everyone. Our pre-loved pieces range from current modern pieces to desirable vintage pieces such as a Victorian ring or a Georgian brooch, many of which have been crafted using techniques and finishes not often used today in more modern or contemporary pieces. Alternatively, a piece could be set with stones such as diamonds which have been cut and faceted in an older style, known as old cut diamonds which have been more recently replaced by a diamond cut which is known as a modern round brilliant cut.

Below pictured is an example of one of our pre-owned pieces: An 18ct yellow gold, old-cut diamond cluster ring within a filigree mount.
Pre-owned diamond ring

A piece of history:
By purchasing a pre-owned piece, you may also be buying an investment item which has history or heritage that can be passed down through the generations to come. For a piece to be called ‘antique’ it is required for it to be over 100 years old and vintage is over 20 years old from the current date.

Our pre-owned collection can be viewed HERE on our website, alternatively items can be viewed in store, please contact a member of staff in branch to arrange.

Here at W.E.Clark and Son we have almost 200 years’ experience buying and selling jewellery and watches. You can buy pre-owned from us with the utmost confidence and peace of mind, we are proud of have in-house gemmologist and diamond experts. All of the Clark team are educated and trained to the highest standard, they will be able to offer advice and be happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to pre-owned pieces.
We also welcome you to bring any unwanted pieces for our potential purchase.