We have been designing unique and individual jewellery for over 40 years. There is something very special about knowing that you own a one-off piece that you will not see anywhere else in the world. This story started a couple of years ago, when David Clark (4th Generation Owner) and Daniel Blackford (Director) were on a gemstone buying trip. Having done this for 20 years we both have a lot of experience in dealing with fine gemstones. Sometimes we will buy gemstones, knowing that they will make spectacular jewellery, but not always having the final design in mind there and then.

Lewes Goldsmith

Paulius the Goldsmith at work in our Lewes workshop.

On this occasion we found a wonderfully elegant pear cut tourmaline and two smaller tourmalines that were a matched pair. We knew that this had to be a pendant and earring set, but the final design as I say we needed to give it a lot of thought.

Roll forward to 2020, Daniel sat down with our Goldsmith who is based within our Lewes workshop. Things quickly came together and a new pendant and earrings were born.

Tourmaline Suite