A dial is the main focal point of any watch and one you want to keep immaculate. The discolouration of a dial can be due to serval factors including water, a leaked battery or just old age!

Old tudor watch dial

restored tudor watch dial

We use one of the UK's leading dial restorers and we have forged a very successful and strong relationship with them. They are experts in their field and are professional in the restoration of almost all dials, antique and new. They have decades of experience using traditional methods dating back to the 20th century, to create an incredibly high level of finish.

old rolex dial

restored rolex dial

The dial restorer has a huge library of typefaces, wording and logos which are matched as closely as possible to the original. They also have a wide selection of specialist dial paint which is matched to the nearest hue of the original. The process is dealt with the utmost care, detail and patience to make sure the differences are subtle and it is as closely matched to the original as possible.

old watch dial

restored watch dial

The dial restoartion process is comprised of many stages from cleaning, preparation, treatment to applying the final finish together with the numbers and text. This whole process can take from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the dial and detail.

Old rotary watch dial

Restored rotary watch dial

We asked the Branch Manager Vicky, how she would explain to the customer what to expect from a dial restoration:

"With dial restorations they are restored to close to the original as possible but often there are some subtle differences. If you are expecting it to be an exact replica then I would advise not to go ahead with the dial restoration.
Sometimes the font will be different, as a template for your existing font is not in existence so the closest match will be used. Sometimes this is a little more different to expectations. So some differences are to be expected.
A dial restoration involves stripping the dial back to the base metal, normally brass, and re-doing the base colour, adding any brand logos and any minute markers. If you have hour batons or solid numbers these will be reused.
Our dial restorer will usually inform us if there any major differences to be expected and we can then discuss this with you before the dial restoration starts."

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