Ear Piercing

Please Note: We are offering Ear Piercing by appointment only. We offer appointments on Friday and Saturday of each week, please call us or email us to book your appointment.

Ear Piercing in our Lewes & Uckfield Showrooms

W.E. Clark are a multi-award-winning jewellers, offering a wide range of jewellery, jewellery repairs, watch repairs and ear piercing in the county of Sussex. Ear piercing is available in all  of our showrooms situated in Lewes and Uckfield.

Established in 1819, our family business has extensive jewellery experience and we have been providing a professional and safe ear-piercing service to our customers for over 40 years. 

Our fully trained staff use the best piercing equipment on the market and we offer an extensive range of the highest quality piercing studs. All ear piercing is carried out in accordance with best practice.

Why Get Your Ears Pierced at W.E. Clark?

At W.E. Clark we believe in giving the very best service to our customers. We have created a relaxed environment to make you feel at ease and we have meticulously trained our assistants to give the best ear-piercing service in Sussex. We are fastidious about hygiene and we promise our fully trained staff will carry out your ear piercing in the gentlest and safest way possible.

We only use state-of-the-art piercing equipment to ensure all piercings are carried out cleanly and quickly, causing you the least amount of discomfort. Our selection of piercing studs also come with slim posts to further minimise any discomfort. Many of our customers say ‘oh is that it’ after having their ears pierced with us. It really is that simple.

You are also guaranteed the finest piercing earrings to choose from and we provide cleaning solution and care instructions to ensure you keep your new piercings free from infection.

If you would like to know more about our ear-piercing procedure, simply call us or pop into our showroom, where one of our friendly team will be happy to speak with you about your ear-piercing requirements.

Our Ear-piercing System

We are delighted to offer the safest and most hygienic system for ear piercing. All of our piercing earrings come in sealed, sterilised packaging, which are not opened until selected for piercing. The earring and the earring back are applied at the same time, via the piercing tool.


Our Ear-piercing Procedure

One of our friendly team will welcome you and go through the procedure with you when you arrive. Everything will be explained to you and you will need to sign consent paperwork.

Once you have chosen your preferred piercing studs, our expertly trained ear piercer will clean your ear lobe and mark exactly where you would like the piercing to be. When you are ready, the procedure is carried out and the aftercare instructions are explained.

Exceptional Value

The cost of our ear-piercing is £30 and includes:

  • A set of sterile piercing studs
  • A bottle of ear care solution
  • A free piercing health check
  • 10% off your first pair of earrings

Beautiful Hypoallergenic Stud Earrings

We offer a beautiful range of piercing studs specifically designed for new piercings. Our piercing earrings are made with the highest quality hypoallergenic stainless steel. All come with safety backs designed to prevent them from being pushed against the back of the ear too tightly. There is a selection of 20 to choose from.


Looking after your piercing is very important to promote proper healing and avoid any infection. Our professional staff will talk you through the aftercare procedures and show you how to clean and turn your piercing properly.

Persistent redness or swelling indicates an infection, or that your body cannot tolerate a foreign object. If you experience pain, redness or swelling for more than 24 hours you should see your GP immediately.

We advise you not to remove piercing studs for at least 6 weeks and thereafter do not recommend you leave earrings out of the holes for more than 24 hours for the first six months, as the hole can start to heal up.

We advise you to follow this cleaning and turning routine after any piercing:

  • Gently clean the front and back of your piercing with a cotton wool swab soaked in cleaning solution 3 times per day
  • Always clean hands thoroughly before touching your ear
  • After cleaning, with clean hands, gently rotate your piercing
  • After cleaning and prior to sleep, check the back of your earring is secure
  • Avoid using hair spray and perfume or any cosmetic products that may irritate your piercing
  • Be careful when brushing your hair
  • Avoid pulling tight-fitting clothes over your head whilst your piercing is healing
  • Check you can cover your piercing with a plaster for any participation in sports during the six weeks when you are unable to remove your studs

Piercing Health Check

Minor redness may occur immediately after piercing. This is a normal reaction and should settle within 24 hours provided adequate aftercare is carried out. If you have any concerns or if redness continues, please see your GP immediately.

Pop in and see us six weeks after you have had your ears pierced with us and we will check the piercing is healthy and has healed well. Once the initial 6-week healing period has passed, the starter studs can be replaced with your own earrings. We offer 10 per cent off your first pair of earrings. Browse our beautiful collection of earrings for everything from everyday wear earrings to special occasion wear.

Age Restrictions

All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who are over the age of 18 and must give their consent. Please note that we do not pierce ears in children less than 10 years of age. Young adults will need to provide proof of age if they are over 18.

Additional Information

We are able to pierce the lower lobe only and can pierce up to 3 holes (according to the size of the lobe). We are able to re-pierce ears where holes have closed up. We do not pierce other body parts, such as the nose, eyebrow or belly button. This is due to local licensing laws.

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