Basic Watch Repairs

Basic Watch Repairs
Lewes and Uckfield Showroom

Most minor watch repairs can be carried out in any of our showrooms. At W.E. Clark and Son reputation is everything to us. We aim to bring you the best service possible, so all of our staff are trained to deal with minor watch repairs, such as changing batteries, replacing straps or bracelets, adjusting and ultrasonic cleaning of watch bracelets, and the replacement of pins.

Simply bring your watch in to us and we can deal with minor repairs, adjustments and cleaning while you wait. We always take great care of your timepiece and any complex repair or full service will be referred to our in-house Master Watchmaker.

Our Master Watchmaker is an expert in the repair and restoration of most timepieces, including vintage and antique watches. He can also carry out battery replacement where resealing and testing for water resistance is required to ensure your watch remains waterproof.

Watch Battery Replacement

We can fit replacement watch batteries for most brands. We hold an extensive range of watch batteries in both of our showrooms. Our trained staff are able to change the battery in most watch styles. Luxury watches requiring resealing and testing for water resistance will need to be referred to our Watchmaker for battery replacement, which will take a 2-3 days. We want to ensure the battery of your treasured timepiece is replaced pefectly. 

Watch Straps and Bracelets

We stock a range of high quality watch straps in various designs and styles that are compatible with most watch brands. Whether you are looking for a timeless leather watch strap for your Tissot, or an elegant bracelet for your Accurist, we have a watch band to suit most tastes.

Browse our collection in any of our showrooms and one of our trained staff will fit your new watch strap or bracelet for you. Choose from leather or metal watch bands in contemporary and classic timeless styles. Our watch straps and bracelets for watches come in a range of colours and sizes, and are suitable for watch brands such as Omega, Tag Heuer, and Breitling.

If we don’t have the strap you are looking for we can order it in for you. We can also make bespoke straps from an example of a remaining piece.

Watch Bracelet Adjustment

We understand how important it is that your watch fits comfortably on your wrist. While leather straps usually fit without a problem, some metal bracelets need adjusting to get the perfect fit.

If you have purchased, inherited or been gifted a watch bracelet with adjustable links that doesn’t quite fit we can fix it for you. We can adjust your watch bracelet in any of our showrooms.

Please ask if your watch requires a bracelet extension. We can usually help, even if it means obtaining links from the manufacturer.


Watch Pin Replacement

Watch pins are the tiny bars that hold your watch strap in place. Most watches have two of them, but some metal straps are held on with four or even six pins. We stock replacement watch pins for almost any type of watch strap or bracelet. We have pins for specific watch models and a full range of spring bars for generic watch straps.

We can replace watch pins in any of our showrooms. Browse our fabulous collection of jewellery while we carry out your minor watch repairs.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Watch Bracelets

Our ultrasonic cleaning service for your watch bracelet uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency sound waves to agitate a liquid cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaning is perfect for watch bracelets as it penetrates holes and recesses and ensures every inch of your watch is cleaned sensitively yet thoroughly.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most gentle and effective method of cleaning watch bracelets and will have your watch looking just like new again. Simply bring your watch into any of our showrooms and one of our professionally trained team will clean your watch bracelet for you.

Pop Into One of Our Showrooms

Bring your watch into any of our jewellery showrooms and we will carry out minor repairs for you. For any complex repair or restoration work, leave your watch with us and our in-house Master watchmaker will be happy to bring your timepiece back to its former glory. We will always give you a quote before we carry out any work.

See our contact page for opening hours and locations. We offer professional watch repair services in Lewes, Brighton, Worthing, Uckfield, Eastbourne, Hastings and Hove. 

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