Postal Jewellery Repair

Our postal jewellery repair service is easy to use, safe, guaranteed, fully insured (up to £20,000) and the quickest way to get your jewellery repaired by our experts. With W.E. Clark your precious jewellery could not be in safer hands. We treat every piece of jewellery that comes into our workshop as if it were our own.

Our very own in-house Goldsmiths are extremely experienced. Jewellery is our passion and we have the knowledge and expertise to restore jewellery to as near its original form as is possible from simple repairs to the more complex. We have invested £20,000 in a specialist laser welding machine, which allows us to repair delicate jewellery that cannot withstand heat and enables us to undertake the most intricate jewellery repairs.

Whatever your jewellery repair from clasp replacement, re-tipping, stone setting, ring claw replacement, damaged bracelets, broken necklaces and broken chains to re-plating, jewellery restoration, ring repair, and cleaning and polishing, our highly skilled Goldsmiths can bring your beautiful jewellery back to its original form.

How to get your jewellery repaired

Sending your jewellery to us couldn’t be easier. Simply contact us to request one of our FREEPOST Royal Mail Special Delivery envelopes. We send you the FREEPOST envelope straight away so you can package your jewellery and send it to us safely and securely. We call you with a quote and give you our expert opinion on what repairs are necessary. If you are happy for us to proceed, we carry out the repair and return your repaired jewellery item to you using the same safe and secure postal service.

We ask for a 25% deposit when you agree for us to proceed with the work, with the remainder payable once the repair is complete. Once this has been paid we send your jewellery back to you. Should you not wish to proceed with the repair, there is a £25 administration fee payable, and then your jewellery will be returned to you in its original condition.

Our Guarantee

We don’t send our jewellery repairs away to a third party. All repairs are carried out by our own expert Goldsmiths. All of our jewellery repairs are guaranteed for 12 months (unless stated) and all items are insured whilst they are on the premises with us.

Jewellery Clasp Replacement

Jewellery Clasp Replacement

If you have a special piece of jewellery you are unable to wear because the clasp is broken, we offer a clasp replacement service. Our Goldsmiths will seamlessly replace a broken clasp in the same precious metal that your jewellery item is made from. We recommend you check the clasps on any jewellery item regularly and send them to us for repair if they appear worn or loose.

Jewellery Claws Re-tipped

Jewellery Claws Re-tipped

The claws around any jewellery stones are prone to everyday wear and tear. Over time this can lead to a claw wearing down or even breaking off, which can result in stone loss. Our specialists can re-tip or replace broken claws and check for weaknesses and deterioration. Our Goldsmiths can rebuild breakages so you can’t tell the difference from the original.

Jewellery Stone Replacement

Jewellery Stone Replacement<

If you have lost a stone from any piece of jewellery, we have the expertise to find a suitable replacement and reset it for you. We can source near identical replacements for all types of gem stones and diamonds.

We have access to a wide range of fine quality diamonds, opals, precious, semi-precious and non-precious stones. Our expert gemmologists have several years training so you can be sure of the best match possible and our expert Goldsmiths will take care to make sure your replacement stone is set to perfection.

Jewellery Polishing & Rhodium Plating

Jewellery Polishing & Rhodiu Plating

If your jewellery is starting to look past its best, is worn, faded or scratched, getting your jewellery polished will revive it to its former glory. Engagement rings and wedding rings are particularly prone to wear and tear and our clients love how our jewellery polishing service revives the jewellery they cherish.

We can polish out most scratches and give any jewellery item back its sparkle. We are experts at cleaning gemstones and diamonds and can make your jewellery look like new again. To keep your jewellery in excellent condition, regular jewellery cleaning is recommended.

We can bring any white gold jewellery back to life with rhodium plating, which gives a brilliant shine and restores your jewellery to look like new again.

Ring claw replacement

Ring claw replacement

It is common for the claws around stones in rings to become worn and even break off. New claws are often required to ensure the stone in your ring is secure. Ring claw replacement is similar to them being re-tipped, except the complete claw is replaced. Keeping the claws in your ring in good condition is essential and you should check your ring regularly for signs of wear and tear to avoid the loss of any precious stones.

Ring Repairs

Ring Repairs

In most cases, rings are bought to mark a special time in our life. Think of your engagement ring, wedding ring or eternity ring. Rings are also often handed down the generations as family heirlooms, and are extremely precious to us.

If your ring is damaged or no longer fits properly we can repair and re-size it for you. Our specialist Goldsmiths can lovingly restore any ring from bespoke fine jewellery to wedding bands and diamond engagement rings.

Our postal jewellery repair service is safe, guaranteed, fully insured & the quickest way to get your jewellery repaired by our experts.