Emerald and Diamond Rings

Emerald and Diamond Engagement & Eternity Rings

If you have a emerald and diamond ring design you have in mind, we guarantee we can find it or create it for you. Whether you are looking for an emerald eternity ring or a delicately crafted an emerald and diamond engagement ring, our ring designers have got you covered. We have the tools and generational expertise to create any emerald and diamond ring your heart could desire.

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Emerald & Diamond Rings

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The Clark Bespoke Experience

At W.E. Clark and Son, we pride ourselves on our bespoke jewellery service. We love to bring ring design ideas to life and delight anyone taking the leap in crafting their own unique piece of jewellery. Whether you are looking for a timeless classic design that makes emerald so special or something a bit more modern with a twist, we have the expertise to add those special personal touches to a very special bespoke emerald and diamond ring for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are emeralds suitable for an engagement ring?

    While the classic engagement ring is a beautiful diamond placed delicately on a gold band, the possibilities of engagement ring design are endless. You could opt for the classic diamond and add a subtle twist with an emerald setting, or you could swap the diamond for a large, perfectly polished emerald. Your emerald engagement ring can be subtle, classic, or contemporary. This is the beauty of a bespoke ring; whatever style you are in love with, we can create it for you.

    One thing we would like to point out is that Emeralds are a fairly ‘soft’ gemstone and, by nature, require more care when wearing them.

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