Jewellery Valuations

Valuation Service - Lewes and Eastbourne Showrooms

W. E. Clark & Son’s FGA and DGA qualified Gemmologist possesses the expertise, experience and scientific instruments required to provide accurate valuations for modern and antique jewellery, objects made of precious metals and watches.

A valuation requires a skilful appraisal of precious metals, gemstones, craftsmanship, and current value. We occasionally seek the second opinion of an additional expert if we are in doubt as to the accuracy of our assessment.
We never accept to undertake a valuation we consider to be outside of our expertise.

The Schedule

The schedule consists of a detailed written description and a colour photograph for each item. This provides proof of ownership and an unambiguous reference for the replacement of lost or stolen items.

Valuations are completed within one week of receiving your valuables which are fully insured whilst in our possession. Schedules are prepared shortly after this and dispatched to you by post.

Please visit our Lewes or Eastbourne showrooms or book an appointment to use our valuation service.


  • Valuations for Insurance Replacement, Private Sale, or Division: £ 40.00 (per 10 items) + 1.5% of the total value of the items.
  • Valuations for Probate: £ 75.00 up to 5 items, £ 150.00 6 to 20 items, £ 250.00 for 21 items and over. (Items within Probate Valuations are not photographed.)

All fees include VAT and are payable on collection of items.

Lost or Stolen Letter Service

W. E. Clark & Son is affiliated to the Loss Management Group (LMG) and is recognised by most major insurance companies.

Lost or Stolen Letter

W. E. Clark & Son carry out an expert appraisal of the current replacement value of a lost or stolen item based on a description and if available pictures and previous valuations. This is recorded in a Lost or Stolen Letter and forms the basis for you to ensure you obtain an equal substitute.
Fee: £ 40.00 - fully refundable should W. E. Clark & Son provide a replacement.

Please Note: Many insurers may direct you towards a high street chain where in many instances you will not receive a like for like replacement. Our expertise equips us to assist you in obtaining an accurate replacement of your lost or stolen jewellery; to take advantage of this simply inform your insurance company you wish to deal with W. E. Clark & Son.