Diamond Confidence


When you consider purchasing a piece of diamond jewellery you will be looking at the Cut, the Clarity, the Colour and how many Carats it is. We like to think there’s another ‘C’ to be considered - it is Clark. When you buy a diamond from us you can be sure of its quality and value and, what’s more we will supply our 10 year diamond guarantee that you can trust to protect your investment.

10 Year Diamond Guarantee

We provide all of our customers with a 10 year diamond guarantee on all diamond jewellery and diamond ring purchases.

The Clark Collection

The Clark Collection is an extensive range of precious stones jewellery that is designed and manufactured in our own workshops by our team of skilled jewellers. And, because of the scale of the collection there’s something for everyone. We can even design a piece to your own specification. Find out more about The Clark Collection.

All diamonds purchased by W E Clark & Son are conflict free, and our trading methods strictly adhere to those set out in the Kimberly Process.