At W.E. Clark and Son, we believe that up to date and relevant training is absolutely paramount in order to continuously provide you with the best professional and knowledgeable services possible. We pride ourselves on our personable approach to customer service and we absolutely love being a part of special purchases and building relationships with our customers for years to come.

One of the most joyous items of jewellery that we adore selling is wedding bands. Did you know that one of the reasons as to why we wear a wedding ring as a symbol of marriage is because it is a circle; having no begining or end. It is a symbol of infinity, endless and eternal - just like love!

Earlier this month, the Uckfield team took a trip to our wedding ring workshop situated in the famous Jewellery quarter in London, Hatton Garden. By going on this trip, we can ensure that we are as up to date as possible with the processes that go into making your wonderful, unique wedding rings.

sample wedding rings

We began the day by discussing the benefits of each profile of ring and how they are made. We use a specific technique which allows us to make the most of your chosen precious metal and avoiding any wastage. Also, by using this process, we can ensure the best quality and longevity of your ring.

discussing wedding ring designs

We then spent sometime going through various design options that can be made. From diamond set bands, to patterned finishes and textures, there really is plenty to choose from, making sure that your chosen design is unique to you. Doing this also enables us to be able to advise on the most suitable options for you, even if you are not too sure yourself!

After this discussion, we then went down into the workshop and were introduced to all of the machines, what they do, and how they work. We spoke to an expert diamond grader, who introduced us to the individual diamonds that can be set into your wedding rings. She goes through each individual diamond and makes sure that they meet the quality criteria that we aim for. Each diamond has been hand selected to a high grade of colour and clarity. If you have any specific diamond grade requests, we are always on hand to advise for you.

jewellery workshop

The workshop has so many different work benches, all specially designed for various aspects of making your ring. There is also a specific craftsman assigned to each bench, to ensure that their skill set is utilized as best possible to create rings with the best quality we can achieve. We were introduced to each bench and each machine that is involved in the design and assemble processes.

jewellery workshop

Each of us got given a simple silver wedding band by one of the jewellers and were asked to think of a design 'finish' that we would like to add ourselves. This was an amazing opportunity to get a real insight into making wedding rings;

Lauren says, "I love adding a finishing touch to my wedding ring. It has given me a great understanding of the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into making each ring unique and I cannot wait to tell my customers all about it!"

Charlotte says, "This process has given all of us a really useful and in-depth knowledge base that we can now carry with us. It has been so interesting to physically use the machines and learn about all the different aspects and stages that go into making our wonderful customers rings."

Here are some more photos of the day;

jewellery workshop

jewellery workshop

jewellery workshop

The final results are;

finished wedding rings

From left to right we have Charlotte's hammered effect finish. Charlotte says, "This was very tricky! I needed a lot of help from the jeweller and admire their work so much now. I really appreciate the hard work that goes into creating these amazing affects and finishes!"

Second in from the left we have Shirley's. Shirley's thoughts on her effect are, "I really wanted to get as involved as possible in the processes behind creating the effects on rings. I chose the brushed effect as it's quite modern and a style that a few of my customers have chosen, and I chose to add a single indented line through the middle."

Kylie's thoughts on her ring are, "I wanted the polished effect on my ring with mill grain edging. I am currently planning a wedding and my partner is considering this style. It was so interesting to see how it was done and the work involved in making this effect."

Lastly, we have Lauren's ring, "I chose the satin, brushed finish with the polished line going through the centre because I really like the effect of the two finishes together. They create a good contrast and I feel that I have chosen a really modern look."

At W.E. Clark and Son, we truly appreciate the sentiment and value of purchasing wedding bands and we endeavour to make the experience as special as possible. With no appointment necessary, you can come into any of our showrooms, enjoy a complimentary drink and browse through our selection of sample rings. One of our sales consultants will talk you through each ring profile and advise on the best fit for you. All of our wedding bands are bespoke made so please allow for up to 4 weeks appromimate delivery time. We look forward to welcoming you into one of our showrooms very soon!