Plan. Design. Develop.

For a lengthy amount of time our Managing Director, David Clark, had a vision to create a new website which is easy to use and mobile-friendly. David then reached out to the In-Tuition team to help achieve this.

Here's the story from David Clark himself:

I have been working with my web developer In-tuition since 2002 when we launched our first website, and since then we have continually evolved our on-line offering. In early 2014 I decided it was time to start the ball rolling, to create our most sophisticated and beautiful website to date. Again, in conjunction with In-Tuition, I set about researching exactly how to best satisfy the requirements of our customers who visited W.E. Clark & Son on-line. I was very surprised to find out that 28% of our visitors were now viewing our website via a mobile device- and the website at that time was not responsive which meant it was very hard to view on such devices. So this was another important factor that I took into consideration throughout, the website not only had to perform on PC's but also on all devices that it was viewed on. The design was another very important consideration, starting from scratch, my primary requirement was for a beautiful, clean and crisp design.


The website has to achieve many objectives, W.E. Clark & Son is a company that has been established since 1819 and that needed to be projected through the website. I am very pleased with the Our Heritage page, that wonderfully captures the company through the four generations of Clark's who have cared for and run W.E. Clark & Son. I am very proud of the team that I work with and this too has been beautifully presented, via the Our Team Page.


Of course, we must not forget that the website is now the perfect platform to present the wonderful jewellery and watches that we are most well know for. The jewel in the crown is the Clark Collection, the creation of which is one of our proudest moments, an incredible range of diamond and precious gem jewellery crafted by us. John and David Clark along with Daniel Blackford, travel around the world to select the finest gemstones and then these are used to create the items within the Clark Collection.
I do hope you enjoy browsing through our new website, and please contact me personally at any time if you have any questions.


To really show you how far the website has come, we've included some before and after images as shown below. The W.E. Clark & Son team is very proud to have this website to represent us and our modern image.

Desktop Image: BeforeDesktop Image: After

Desktop image: Before and after

Mobile Image: Before          

Mobile images: Before and after


Thank you for using our new website. We hope you enjoy your W.E. Clark & Son online experience as much we we enjoyed watching the website develop from plans to this full, functioning website.