Caring For Your Jewellery

Here at W.E. Clark & Son we are accomplished in advising our customers in the best methods to keep their jewellery looking great. The best advice I can give to customers is to invest in some product from the Connoisseurs range. This is a range of products that clean and revitalise your jewellery, the results are quite simply staggering.

For example the Diamond Dazzle Stick, this is an ingenious device that applies a special polymer onto the gemstone and brings back the brilliant sparkle. Every customer we have presented this to are impressed, and it is now one of our best selling items.

We also have a range of gold and silver polishing cloths, to help enhance the shine. You can also see our range of cleaning solutions, silver, previous and delicate. Each of these actively works to remove residue, bring your jewellery back to life.

All of these products can either be purchased online, click here to view the Connoisseurs range, or in-store at our Lewes or Eastbourne Jeweller showroom.

See our Connoisseurs Jewellery care range.

 Dazzle Stick

Caring For Your Watch

Caring for your watch is important, which is why we recommend you have your watch serviced every 3-4 years.

W.E. Clark & Son has a specialist in-house watch repair workshop  and offers many services such as watch battery replacement, watch glass replacement, watch servicing, watch refurbishment and vintage watch repair.

W.E. Clark & Son is delighted to be one of the very few jewellers in the UK to have an on-site Master-Watchmaker.

More information regarding watch services here.