Here at W.E. Clark and Son we pride ourselves on sourcing spectacular gemstones, creating beautifully intricate designs, and providing our customers with unique pieces which tell a story for years to come.

Tanzanite is one of our favourite gemstones. The stunning violet and deep blue hues, the intense sparkle and mesmerising play of colours. Sourced at only one deposit in the world that is known to man; the foothills of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. The rarity just adds to the beauty and fascinating features of the stone, offering you a unique piece to cherish forever.

Tanzanite radiates a unique multidimensional range of colours; purple, blue and burgundy. This is known as being trichroic and often each colour will strongly appear in various lights and positions. Tanzanite is normally valued by its depth of colour and visible play of colour, usually the deeper the colour, the more valued the stone. We offer a generous selection of Tanzanite pieces in all three of our showrooms, ranging from just under £200 to £20,000.

We recently came across a truly exceptional tanzanite ring. The reason that we fell in love with this ring at first sight is mainly due to the sheer size and apparent trichorism. As you can see from the image below it really is a fascinating piece! View this beautiful ring today in our Lewes showroom or click HERE

Tanzanite and diamond ring

Below are just a snippet of some other tanzanite pieces that you will find across our showrooms and we look forward to welcoming you into our stores if you wish to know anything about the item that catches your eye!

princess cut tanzanite stud earrings

pear cut tanzanite stud earrings

Tanzanite and diamond cluster pendant

Katie, our Lewes Assistant Manager adores the gemstone;

"The reason to why I find tanzanite a brilliant gemstone is because of its beautiful colour from its vibrant violets to rich purple/blue hues. I also love the idea that tanzanite is only found in one place in the world near Mount Kilimanjaro, where a Masai Tribesman stumbled upon the gemstone. The gemstone is only relatively new as it was only recently discovered in 1967. I currently am lucky enough to own some beautiful tanzanite earrings and i would love to add to my collection. Two pieces that we currently have in our Lewes showroom that I absolutely love are:

pear cut tanzanite and diamond pendant

This necklace is a lovely piece from our Clark collection with a pear cut tanzanite, its carat weight is 3.33ct and has a marquise and pear cut diamond set above. The necklace is set in 18ct white gold and is £6950.00. To shop or get more details click HERE

cushion cut tanzanite and diamond ring

This is a stunning tanzanite and diamond ring set in 18ct white gold with a cantral cushion cut tanzanite, its carat weight is 0.90ct and is £2150.00.