At W.E. Clark and Son we always aim to keep up to date with the latest syles and trends. With summer approaching a jewellery fashion much is layering! 
Below we have compiled a list of layering hints and tips:

Don't be afraid to mix metal tones-
A duo of silver and rose tones are cooling, add yelow gold for warmth to create a trio of colours.

Vary the chain lengths-
By graduating the length of chains this helps to give the appearance of an elongated neck, which creates the layered look.

kit heath necklaces

Kit Heath Rose Gold Heart on a silver chain pendant £42.00
Kit Heath Turquoise pendant on a silver chain £58.00
Ti Sento Pink Crystal pendant with cubics zirconia on a silver chain £99.00

clark collection gold necklaces

Clark Collection 9ct gold necklace with gold, yellow and green detailing £365.00
Clark Collection 9ct gold necklace with gold detailng £325.00

Add some charm-
Little touches of character to complete your look and style. Cubic zirconia/diamonds add a touch of sparkle, where as pearls create a classic contempory look.

It's all in the detail-
A simple chain which has scattered detailing within its length such as beading or geometric shapes can add a simplistic edge to your layered look.

Mixing materials-
Cords, elastics and leather can also add texture to a layered effect. Perfectly pulles off with layering breacelets as well as necklaces.

jersey pearl bracelets

Jersey Pearl, pearl bracelet £110.00
Jersey Pearl, blue cord bracelet £30.00
Unique silver twist toggle bracelet £75.00

clark collection gold bracelets

Clark Collection 9ct gold bracelet with yellow, green and gold detailing £185.00
Clark Collection 9ct gold bangle £350.00
Clark Collection 9ct gold detailing bracelet £185.00

Stacking up-
Wearing a collection of rings that sit together can create a whole new layered look then if they were worn alone, a mixture of plain, pave or gem set bands add colour, texture and edge.

layered silver rings

Ti Sento double pave set silver ring £65.00
Ti Sento cubic zirconia set silver silver band £55.00
Ti Sento rose gold and silver cubic zirconia band £49.00

layered kit heath rings

Kit Heath silver and lapis lazuli ring £60.00
Kit Heath silver facet ring £47.00

Complete the look-
Earrings can be layered too!
A simple hoop with a mixture of earring charms in complementing tones can be the perfect finishing touch.

One pair of silver Ti Sento hoop earrings £45.00 two different earring charms, for two different looks:

silver ti sento earring

Ti Sento single stone cubic zirconia silver charm £45.00

ti sento silver earrings

Ti Sento pave set charms in silver and rose gold £79.00