A Tapestry in Jewels

At W.E. Clark & Son we are now very well known for our spectacular jewellery, and this trilogy of pieces certainly meets this description. Whilst many of the pieces are created within our ‘Clark Collection’, David Clark also works with a select few jewellery designers, and one such designer is Ariel Tivon, of Tivon Fine Jewellery. 

Three years ago during an Exclusive Client Event at W.E.Clark & Son’s Lewes Showroom, Daniel Blackford the Manager was presenting some new and exciting pieces that Ariel Tivon had brought along for the event. One piece, in particular, caught the eye of Daniel’s client, this was ‘The Rose Garden’. David Clark, W.E.Clark & Son’s Managing Director comments “Quite frankly I had never seen such a piece as this, stunning Red Sapphires, a truly incredible piece”. Daniel’s client was delighted with their new necklace. The following year Ariel returned to the Lewes showroom, and Daniel was able to present the second piece ‘In Full Bloom’. Once again this piece seems to strike a chord, and Daniel’s client decided to add it to their collection. There was a slight change that was made, in that one of the stones was not quite to the client’s colour palette, so we sourced and replaced with a Green Tourmaline.

W.E. Clark & Son first started a trading relationship with Tivon by purchasing some of his spectacular tanzanite items of jewellery. So it was very apt that on the most recently we were able to take delivery of ‘Blue Dahlias’. Tanzanite of this quality in amounting to nearly 15 carats, is especially rare to find now as these stones are becoming increasingly rare. The previous two spectacular pendants had given Daniel’s client so much pleasure, that to have this amazing piece to complete the trio was a must.

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