The below five stone ring came into us with one diamond missing, and another badly damaged. Having an on-site workshop and diamond specialists within our team enables us to provide advice as well as restore almost any piece of jewellery.

Jewellery repair for diamond ring with missing stone

David Clark, our Managing Director, was able to assess the quality of the remaining diamonds in the ring, to then source two new replacement diamonds based on their colour, clarity, carat and cut.

With a ring such as this, it is vital that replacement diamonds are matched as any differences will stand out. As a trained Diamond Grader, this is a task David truly enjoys.
Our on-site Goldsmith was able to take these replacement diamonds and set them into place once he had built up the settings, guarantying the security of the stones so the ring can once again be enjoyed by its wearer.

 diamond ring repair missing stone

diamond ring repair at Clark & Son

Fixed diamond ring with new stone replacement


If you have an item of jewellery in need of repair or restoration, simply come into store for a no obligation estimate.