A customer came into our shop rather downbeat, as the worst had happened to her ring- she had lost the emerald from her ring.

One of our expert team examined the ring, we needed to identify the reason as to why the stone might have fallen out. Under closer inspection it seemed that one of the claws has come away, leading to the emerald falling out and being lost.

This is one excellent reason to bring your jewellery to us every six months or so, and we can check the security of the settings for you. If any work needs to be done, it is usually far less expensive to have this carried out,than to bear the cost of a replacement stone.

A photo of the ring after the stone has been replaced, and the claws repaired:

Emerald Ring
Side View of Emerald Ring

Please contact me if you have any similar requirements, or indeed for anything else I can help with.

Kind regards

Jean Dudley

Jean Dudley
Senior Sales Consultant
W.E. Clark & Son Limited