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Remodelling Jewellery at W.E Clark and Son

At W.E Clark and Son we are regularly asked to assist our customers with remodelling their jewellery. Our customers often acquire these pieces of jewellery that have been given as a gift or handed down from a loved one. However, these pieces might not be to their taste or they simply do not want to wear them in their current form, or sometimes it will be because a piece of jewellery might have a piece missing or be damaged.
Recently, we were set the task of remodelling a pair of 9 carat white gold smoky quartz and diamond drop ear studs for a customer. One of the smokey quartz stones was missing, we were able to source a new faceted pear shaped smokey quartz stone to rewire to the existing earring fitting.
Sourcing gemstones can be a complex and challenging, using our expertise we carefully match any additional gemstones to the original gemstones, making sure we consider factors such as the colour, shape and cut of the stone. Following on from this process, we created two pendants for the customer using the gemstone the customer had left from the original pair of earrings. The pendant was then paired with a 9 carat white gold chain, to finish the look beautifully. The entire project takes around 3-4 weeks to complete.
Bespoke commissions such as this are extremely rewarding for both the customer and indeed us, sharing the customers reactions in seeing their jewellery in a whole new light- this is always very exciting.

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These bespoke commissions took around four weeks to complete