The “Push Present” is a present the father gives to the mother, celebrating her for growing and delivering their new-born bundle. The mother has had to go through all the symptoms and effects of pregnancy, whether that’s been sickness and pain or simply just the effects of having a huge bump stopping her from doing up her shoe laces to finally delivering that baby whether it’s been “pushed” out or evacuated out the sun roof!

It is a trend that has been around for a while now with celebrities flashing their lavish gifts on Instagram, most well-known probably being Kylie Jenner, who after the birth of Stormi got a Ferrier worth over an eye watering $1 million from partner Travis Scott. Although that is pretty special, lots of wonderful mothers have been gifted cars, handbags, shoes and holidays the most popular and common present is jewellery.

Kate Middleton was gifted a pair of green tourmaline, green amethyst and diamond earrings by Prince William after the birth of Princess Charlotte.

Kate Middleton push present earrings

Nicole Kidman received a push present of a diamond trinity ring after the birth of Sunday.

Nicole Kidman push present ring

The average person might not have the purse strings for such expensive gifts but we have some inspiring present ideas that will be meaningful and just as special.


The eternity ring or infinity ring is a classic, timeless item of jewellery. Traditionally a band of diamonds worn on the same finger as your engagement and wedding ring that historically was given to the wife by the husband after they had been married to celebrate the next milestone which was usually children. Although this can now be considered old fashioned the eternity ring is still one of our bestselling rings. You can get eternity rings in all metals, gemstones and sizes, making it as personal as you like to fit any milestone in your relationship.

Diamond eternity ring

A watch is a great present to celebrate this time in your life. At a later date you can always have the time your baby was born and date engraved on the back. Most watch brands have a limited addition collection to make it extra special.

Citizen diamond watch


A personal present makes it totally individual to your new family. A charm bracelet, bangle or necklace with initials of the new baby is a great idea and has room to be added to at a later date if more storks arrive with babies.

Kit Heath Bangle

Kit Heath initial necklace

Initials hand engraved onto discs can make a beautiful present; they can be worn on a necklace or charm bracelet. Again it can be added to and you can have different coloured metals for each new arrival.

hand-engraved gold discs

If you want something a bit more subtle, the new baby’s birth stone in stud earrings or a zodiac star sign necklace. You could even spell out the babies name in gemstones on a bangle or pendant.

ruby and diamond earrings

Unique zodiac sign necklaces

How about something totally unique and one-off. We offer a bespoke service, with our on-site goldsmiths we can design and craft you something truely special. There is no better excuse to have something hand-made than a new baby. We hand select all our own diamonds and gemstones so you can be guarenteed that every element of the piece we product for you has be throught through and handled with the upmost care.

bespoke necklace


Keeping it in the family is incredibly special. Something pasted down from her parents or in-laws can give an extra special meaning to an already joyous occasion. To really go the distance getting the item of jewellery professionally cleaned, polished and resized to fit her, will add the finishing touch.
A vintage watch pasted down from her father can be serviced and cleaned ready to be presented to your wonderful women.
We can always alter jewellery to make it your own, not only changing the size of a ring but changing the colour of the stones or the metal of the shank.

Together or Surprise

You know your partner better than anyone, you will know whether she would love a surprise or appreciate being taken out and choosing something together. Having a baby is a momentous occasion and one that shouldn’t go uncelebrated.
Come into either our Lewes or Uckfield showroom, take your time with a glass of bubbles or a cup of coffee (you’ll probably need the caffeine!) And choose the perfect present together in a relaxed environment with new bundles always welcome.

Please email if you have any questions or would like to discuss a “push present” idea further.