This year’s summer jewellery trend is all about the colour pink, from bright vibrant pink sapphires, pinkish rubies, pink tourmalines and peachy pink morganites.  Coloured gemstones are a great way to add some fun, glamour and pizazz to your everyday look.

What are Morganites?

Morganite is a pink to orange variety of beryl. Other gemstones that belong to the mineral group beryl are emeralds and aquamarines.
It is the pastel jewel which is fast becoming the star of millennial jewellery. Its colour lends itself beautifully to rose gold metal. Its subtle colour is girlie, yet sophisticated.

Following its discovery in Madagascar in 1910, famous gemmologist George Kunz proposed the name morganite in honour of his friend and customer J.P. Morgan for his financial support for the arts and sciences, and his important gifts of gems to the American Museum of Natural History.

Morganite is a steady favourite with young royalty. Kate Middleton is a fan of morganite, as you can see below, she wears large pear cut morganites surrounded by diamonds.

morganite Kate Middleton

See our collection of morganite and diamond jewellery and fall in love with these gemstones like the team at W.E. Clark & Son!

morganite ring18ct white gold morganite and diamond cluster ring - £3495
Morganite: 1.02ct  /  Diamond: 0.48ct

morganite ring9ct rose gold morganite and diamond halo ring - £650
Morganite: 0.82ct  /  Diamond: 0.29ct

morganite earrings

18ct rose gold morganite and diamond earrings - £950
Morganite: 1.03ct  /  Diamond: 0.08ct

We have a range of silver and cubic zirconia jewellery by Carat London that offers a low price alternative to morganites and coloured gemstones. The necklace below is £99, with matching earrings available.

Carat London