At the beginning of the New Year, we were thrilled to have been given a rare type of hinged swivel ring to restore. A typical piece from the art deco period, this type of jewellery item may also be referred to as a “Night and Day Ring”. The main function of this type of ring was to allow the wearer to match the colour of their jewellery according to the outfit they were wearing on a given occasion.

The ring featured a full yellow gold channel band which would have originally been set with equal amounts of square cut rubies and sapphires. However, by the time the ring had arrived to us, very few rubies remained and a sapphire and a diamond had also been lost.

The ring also featured a full band of diamonds set in white gold that were on attached to the channel set band on a hinge. This design feature allows the wearer to alternate between embellishing the rubies and the sapphires with a surrounding of diamonds.

When the ring arrived to us, the central yellow gold band and the hinges of the diamond set bands were heavily damaged and would have required several new pieces to be made. As such, we decided to create a pretty half eternity ring with the two remaining diamond bands.

Designing and making the eternity ring suited our client perfectly as she has managed to retain her jewellery heritage, whilst also being the owner of a beautiful new ring. At a later date we hope to assist our client in designing jewellery pieces for her daughters using the remaining sapphires and rubies from the ring.