Last month we welcomed our in-store watch technician, Dan to the Clark team. With a fantastic new watch workshop upstairs in our Lewes branch, Dan has settled in and brought with him not only his wealth of knowledge in watch repairs but an enthusiasm and passion.

Watch Technician Dan

We asked Dan a few questions to get to know him better -

How long have you worked with watches?

I've been in the wider trade for basically my entire working life, so that's 17 years.

What first sparked your interest and passion for watch repairs?

Aged 14 I did work experience with my local jewellers, MP Stoodley & Son. After those two weeks I received a letter offering me a position working there after school (doing their watch battery replacements, link adjustments etc) and over weekends. I soon realised there was so much to learn and enjoy working in the world of both fine jewellery and watches.

What do you love about your job?

It may sound simplistic but I absolutely love taking something which isn't working and restoring it back to good working order. In particular if it's something more involved like servicing the watch movement (completely stripping it down, cleaning, reassembly, re-oiling) and re-finishing the case and bracelet. It always feels very rewarding at the end!

What watch do you wear?

I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear I have a number of watches..! After all, you need a watch for every occasion. My two most regularly worn are my Rolex Date and my Garmin Fenix 5.

If you could own any watch what would it be?

Such a tricky question - so many watches to choose from! How could I say no to a watch from someone like Roger Smith - British Made, and only ten per year are produced from his workshop. Also a former friend & colleague of one of my friends in the trade produce these: - absolutely stunning. In fact, maybe I could just settle for Harrison's H4?

What do you do in your spare time?

I'm a keen runner - anything from 5k parkruns right the way up to ultra-marathons! Most recently I ran The Moyleman - an off road, hilly marathon around Lewes and finished in 14th. I also ran a PB at Brighton Marathon, with my ultimate goal to get to a sub-3 hour marathon by the end of the year.

Running Dan