The beautiful colour green an emerald should be is "bottle green" a luscious rich colour associated with spring and landscapes; famously Ireland is known as the Emerald Isles, Seattle in the USA is called Emerald City and Thailand's most sacred religious icon the Emerald Buddha (even through it is carved from jadeite!)

Emeralds have been mined for billions of years with the oldest emerald dating back a staggering 2.97 billion years ago. The first known emerald mine was in Egypt where Cleopatra had a passion for emeralds and use to adorn herself with them.
Europeans were first introduced to emeralds in the 1500's when the spanish invaded South America, where the Incas had treasured emeralds for hundreds of years, at the time Europeans valued gold and silver higher than gemstones but this trade showed the true majestic beauty of emeralds to European royalty.

Emeralds have a wide variety of meanings from different cultures and beliefs. Mythology believes emerald is the gemstone of the goddess, Venus, becuase of this the gemstone is associated with romance and said to bring passion, bliss and unconditional love.
The mogul emperors in India believed the emeralds were talismans that offered protection from the gods.
Legend has it that wearing emeralds protects against evil spirits and reveals truths; also if you places an emerald under your tongue you gain the power to foresee the future.
Legend also has it that one of the four gemstones given from God to King Soloman was an emerald which endowed the King with the power over all creations.

All of these myths and legends have enhanced the emeralds beauty and wonderlust making it one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world.
For years celebrities alike have fallen for emeralds undeniable beauty and charm, Jackie Kennedy famously had a large emerald and diamond engagement ring.

Jackie Kennedy engagement ring

More current, Angelina Jolie absolutly loves emeralds and mainly is only ever wearing emeralds on the red carpet.

Angelina Jolie emerald jewellery

Now a days emerald is mainly souced in Colombia, Brazil and Zambia but are also found in the USA, Russia, Australia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Emeralds are renowned for being quite brittle gemstones and are 7 out of 10 on the MOH's scale of hardness. The emerald cut was designed for emeralds to limit the possible damage to the stone - faceting the vulnerable corners to provide a place for the claws to sit.

Fact: The density of an emerald is low so a one-carat emerald will appear larger in size than a one-carat diamond.

Emerald is also the gemstone for a 55th wedding anniversary.

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