The talented designer who brought us the Offspring collection, Jacqueline Rabun has designed the latest collection to the Georg Jensen range - Mercy, that is described as being organic and sensual.

Jacqueline Rabun who is an American jewellery designer has been collaborating with Georg Jensen since 1999.
Jacqueline’s pieces illustrate the human experience through the medium of jewellery and her interpretation of the Scandinavian design in her latest collaboration Mercy demonstrates that they are wearable pieces of art that symbolise the true power of relationships.
Each piece wraps gently around your fingers, neck and ears while serving as an emotional reminder to always be compassionate.
The Mercy collection compromises of 15 pieces that are crafted in sterling silver with prices starting from £115.

Jacqueline Rabun
Jacqueline Rabun

Georg Jensen Mercy ring

Mercy Ring- The design will gently wrap around the finger with the fluid shape symbolising the way life transforms and evolves through life experiences. The soft curves represent the flow of time and how its unexpected twists may define us. The gap in the ring is to remind us to be aware of both the present moment, and the unknown that lies ahead.
The ring crafted in sterling silver and Is available in sizes small and large.

Georg Jensen Mercy neck collar

Mercy neck collar - An impressive statement piece that’s fluid shape mirrors the same meaning as the Mercy Ring.
The smooth curves are designed to carefully fit the contours of the wearers neck.
Although the piece is solid, it is light in weight and is designed not to feel constraining in anyway. The asymmetric shape and open side allow for the neck ring to wrap itself around the back of the neck.
The neck ring is crafted in sterling silver.

Georg Jensen Mercy earrings

Mercy long earrings- A unique design that evolves and changes as you wear it. When viewed in the ear it looks as though it’s a single strand beautifully wrapped around itself.
As with all the Mercy collection the fluid shape symbolises the way life transforms and evolves through life experiences.
The earrings are crafted in sterling silver.

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