W.E. Clark and Son appreciate that there is a lot of information that can come with purchasing diamond jewellery, terminology such as; carat, clarity, rhodium and brilliance can be thrown around and can often be confusing. We pride ourselves on our level of expert knowledge and our passion on advising on the best items to suit your requirements.

Diamonds are graded for their properties and generally speaking, the better the grade, the higher the price will be on that particular item. we tend to hand select all of our diamonds and this means that we are fully aware of every single item that we place into our shop windows and we can therefore offer you the best advice in relation to these pieces. By choosing our own diamonds we can offer a high level of personal service and at highly competitive prices. A lot of our diamonds are hand selected from the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp. Why not have a read through our blog post from one of our annual trips.

white gold and diamond jewellery

W.E. Clark and Son adhere fully to the procedures and practices that are put into place to avoid the trading of conflict diamonds. We also adhere to the business practices of The Kimberley Process. For more information on how diamonds are graded please check out our 'All about Diamonds' page.

We are proud to offer a vast selection of diamond jewellery in both of our stores, starting from only £100! We can also completely tailor your requirements to suit and reflect your stated price range. Our team are expertly trained and dedicated to be able to narrow down your search and offer the best solutions and advice for you. It is important to consider what makes the perfect diamond for you. What is the most important factor and quality that your diamond should possess? Some people may favour a larger size and would compromise on clarity as a result to reflect their monetary requirements. Some people may prefer a higher colour and clarity grade over size. Our job is to help you decide this and leave our stores confident and happy with your choice.

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Each item of diamond jewellery purchased through us comes with a ten year diamond guarantee. We want you to feel confident with your purchase and as a family business, we want to ensure that you and your beloved new item are looked after years to come. By inviting you into one of our stores bi-annually, we will check over the settings and diamond security and advise if any work is required. Your diamond jewellery should be worn with pride and should be cherished for a lifetime and more! For more information regarding ur diamond guarantee have a read through our page.

Diamonds come in a huge variety of cuts, sizes and quality. Whether you are purchasing a piece of jewellery for yourself, as an engagement ring or a special anniversary or birthday, our teams are at hand to help you with yor decision and purchase. No question is too much and we are always happy to help.

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