The Clark Collection

A range of stunning fine diamond jewellery and diamond rings designed and made exclusively by W.E. Clark & Son. The Clark Collection embodies contemporary design flair and stunning diamond and other precious gemstones to create sensational pieces many of which are totally unique.

The Clark Collection in detail

Every year John and David Clark travel to all of the major jewellery fairs, including Basle and sometimes as far afield as Las Vegas, so that they can hand select only the best diamonds and precious gemstones for the Clark Collection. We directly source the mounts for the jewellery and in many cases our master jeweler constructs the entire item from scratch ensuring the highest quality and exclusivity.


Diamond Guarantee

Our 10 Year Diamond Guarantee offers complete peace of mind when you purchase diamond jewellery or diamond rings from W.E. Clark & Son. We recognise that the purchase of diamond jewellery or rings is a serious investment and it is certainly one which is worth protecting. That’s why, when you buy from W E Clark & Son we provide you with our 10 Year Diamond Guarantee.

Diamond Guarantee explained

Here’s how our Diamond Guarantee works:

  • We guarantee to repair a damaged setting or even replace a lost stone.
  • Should you wish to trade the item in for something new, we will credit you with the full purchase price of your original purchase.
  • We will provide a free valuation of your diamond jewellery or ring every three years.

Clark Collection photos