W.E. CLARK & Son-Diamond buying trip to Antwerp- Belgium 2020

Antwerp, for the specialist diamond traders, this high security district is adorned with high buildings with each and every level and office occupied by individual companies representing the Jewellery trade. It was Kylie and Lauren's (from our Uckfield Showroom) first trip to Antwerp, to experience the expertise and process of buying diamonds.

Which one shall we have.... all of them!

Kylie explains:

Feeling refreshed after a night’s sleep, we headed towards the Diamond quarter just a short walk away from our hotel.
There we checked in providing our passport details and were given visitors cards allowing us to access entry. We were then greeted by our Trade Diamond broker, who over 20 years, we have built trust and an excellent relationship with in providing us with the exceptional quality we expect and use within our Clark Collection jewellery we are proud to display in our windows and sell to our customers, safe in the knowledge that the diamonds we purchase adhere to the trading standards for conflict free diamonds.

We were then introduced to his team of hard workers and given an insight behind the scenes of the offices which was an interesting and unique opportunity being able to see the before process, and partial journey a diamond takes before it is set into the finished pieces, we sell daily.

The next stage of our visit was being able to hand select a variety of diamonds, carefully ensuring each stone meets our exacting standards. Seeing this process really gives an understanding of just why the diamonds we select are so beautiful, ensuring that only the best stones are selected by ourselves for our own jewellery collection.

Selecting beautiful emerald cut diamonds

Once we had selected our diamonds and whilst paperwork was being prepared for shipping, we took the opportunity to enjoy the famous Belgium chocolate waffle whilst window shopping and taking in some of the local atmosphere.

Kylie and Lauren enjoying a Belgian Waffle.

Back at the diamond offices we said our goodbyes, leaving swiftly for a taxi that took us directly to Antwerp Airport ready to board our plane back to the UK with a new wealth of knowledge beneficial to ourselves and feedback through our exceptional customer service, to our valued customers.

Lauren added:

I thoroughly enjoyed the Antwerp Diamond buying experience, I can’t wait to see the stones we selected as finished pieces and being part of the design process.