Sapphire is an extremely popular gemstone and has been treasured for thousands of years. They are the birthstone of September and they represent the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary.

They are traditionally blue, from pale to deep dark hues. The preferred sapphire is a strong to vivid blue colour with even saturation.
Sapphires are a member of the corundum mineral family. They can be found in all colours of the rainbow. All red corundum gemstones are referred to as ruby, all other colours of corundum are referred to as sapphire.

At W.E. Clark and Son we have a large range of blue and fancy coloured sapphires.

 sapphire necklace

fancy sapphires

Sapphire gets its name from two ancient terms, the Greek word sappheiros, and the Latin word sapphirus, both of which mean “blue.” Before the discovery of sapphire, it’s believed these terms were used to describe the blue semi-precious stone, Lapis Lazuli.

This gemstone is 9 out of 10 on the MOH’s scale of hardness, therefore only diamond is harder. Their durability makes them perfect for everyday wear as they are relatively resistant to scratching and chipping.

Sapphire is found in a few locations around the world, Kashmir, Burma, and Sri Lanka. More recently it has been discovered in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Madagascar.

sapphire earrings

sapphire earrings

The blue sapphire has always adorned royalty and this was reinforced in 1981 when Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with an exceptional sapphire and diamond engagement ring. This ring is now Kate Middleton’s engagement ring.

Sapphires have traditionally symbolised nobility, honesty and faithfulness. During the Middle Ages sapphire was used to protect the wearer from evil. 

sapphire ring

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