#All About Pearls

June’s birthstone is pearl. Learn a little about the history of this classic, sophisticated and timeless gemstone.

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#A guide to selecting wedding bands

Are you getting married and are yet to select your wedding bands?

wedding bands

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#Is your birthday in May?

The gemstone Emerald represents the birth month of May, along with the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

Emerald Halo Ring

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#Is your birthday in April?

 If so, your birthstone is Diamond. Find out more about your birthstone in this blog.

Diamond Ring

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#Do I need a valuation?

Have you ever wondered about havign your jewellery or watches valued, or re-valued? Precious metals such as gold and platinum are at an all time high at the moment...

Jewellery Valuation Service

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#We Are Open- Coronavirus

During these challenging times, we would like to let our customers we are open for business. We have a very successful national postal repair service. This fully insured service is great for enabling our services direct to our customers homes.... find out more.

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