#Opals for October

Learn about October's birthstone Opal, the gem that exhibits a beautiful play of colour unlike any other gem.

Opal ring

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#Sapphires For September

September is the time to celebrate one of the most popular gemstones, sapphires.

blue sapphire

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#Learn about the many birthstones of August

Every month is represented by a gemstone, these are called birthstones. Learn about the three gemstones representing the birth month of August. 

Peridot earrings

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#Our favourite Ruby items for this July

Ruby is the birthstone for July. Here are some of our favourite items for birthdays and anniversaries.

Ruby Ring

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#All About Pearls

June’s birthstone is pearl. Learn a little about the history of this classic, sophisticated and timeless gemstone.yoko necklace   

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#A guide to selecting wedding bands

Are you getting married and are yet to select your wedding bands?

wedding bands

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