A leap year only occurs every four years, where an additional day is added to the month of February as the 29th day.

History and tradition suggest that the thought goes back to the 5th century when legend has it that an Irish nun known as St Bridget made a complaint to St Patrick (Patron Saint of Ireland) that woman we’re having to wait too long for their suitors to propose. St Patrick was then said to have struck a deal with St Bridget and ordered that there would be this one day in February that occurred every four years, when woman would be allowed to propose. Another tradition suggests that breeches or a Scarlett petticoat was to be worn by the woman when popping the question. If the offer was declined the suitor would be fined in the form of a new dress, money or gloves with the gloves said to be worn by the woman to hide her fingers through embarrassment of not being engaged.

Marry Me?

The 21st century is somewhat different with more fluidity with traditions of when, and who being the one to propose purely being down to personal preference and what suits the individual couple.

Rings are used wisely as a symbol which is presented to the lucky recipient when proposing.

If you’re thinking of proposing this leap day, this month, this year or in the future anyone of our qualified staff are on hand to help guide through the process in selecting the perfect engagement ring!

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