Pearls are a classic and traditional choice for wedding jewellery. When worn on the day it can represent purity, similar to a white dress. Some believe pearls represent tears, however others believe wearing pearls on the wedding day will ensure you have a happy marriage and won't shed tears.

Jersey Pearl have various collections, to suit all styles, whether it’s vintage, boho or glamorous. Whether you are considering pearls for your big day, or looking for gifts for your bridal party, we have you covered.


Classic brides are timeless and elegant. The aim is to add subtle and simple jewellery to highlight the bride’s dress without taking over.
We have many classic strands of pearls. The bracelet and necklace below feature graduated pearls, complete with a silver magnetic clasp.

Buy Jersey Pearl Bridal

Jersey Pearl Bridal

A vintage bride captures the beauty and charm of bygone ages. Her jewellery should echo her look, adding a distinctive touch to her wedding ensemble. Vintage styles are known for their delicacy and intriguing, beautifully-executed designs, and are often seen as show-pieces in themselves for the big day.

The Jersey Pearl range 'Emma Kate' is ultimately romantic with a subtle touch of vintage, each piece designed by Emma-Kate recalls her love of Art Nouveau; here the stylised bloom caps echo the era’s tradition of delicate beauty and gorgeous craftsmanship. Celebrate a special occasion with this exquisite Emma-Kate pendant, featuring a peacock or white Freshwater pearl set in a patterned gold plated or sterling silver cap.

Jersey Pearl Bridal

Jersey Pearl Bridal



For the brides that want a bit of sparkle added to their pearls, we have earring and necklace sets with pearl and white topaz. The kind of jewellery that will draw envious gazes and give the effect of diamonds without the price tag!

Jersey Pearl Bridal

Jersey Pearl BridalJersey Pearl Bridal Necklace


Any of the above items are suitable for bridesmaids as well as a bride. However, Jersey Pearl have a great selection of bracelets in different colours, which is great for gifting each bridesmaid something unique and personal. They have a toggle fitting meaning one size fits all.
Colourful jewellery helps you theme a wedding and can be worn long after as a delightful memento. And don’t forget your ‘lucky red’ or ‘something blue’!

Jersey Pearl Coloured Bracelets

Jersey Pearl Bracelet


You can find the buy Jersey Pearl jewellery in both of our showrooms, or online.