Emma Herron- Sales Consultant, Lewes Showroom.Like a faded oil painting receiving a restoration, many jewellery pieces may benefit from a trip to the jewellers. A genuine coral beaded bracelet was brought to us by Ms. Hoyle earlier this month and we were happy to take on the restoration project. The bracelet started it’s life in pre-WW2 Berlin, and was worn on the wrist of Ms. Hoyle’s mother throughout her life.

When we received the bracelet we identified several plastic beads that had been added to the bracelet and removed them to leave only the organic beads. The beads in the bracelet were initially strung in three rows. After removing the plastic beads we had to decide whether to compensate for the lost length by either restringing onto two rows, or alternatively, adding another bead component. Ms. Hoyle decided that she would like us to do the latter. Together we chose to alternate each coral bead with a 9ct yellow gold rondle. This was extremely effective as the colour of the gold perfectly complimented the deep orange hue of the coral. With the coral being an organic gemstone, the beads varied in size. As such, we measured each bead to accertain the amount of rondels that would be required.

Initially the bracelet’s clasp was brass in colour and was also in need of an update. To compliment the gold rondels, we also chose a new 9ct clasp with a light pattern that would accommodate three rows. When all of the components were compiled, the bracelet was restrung, and finished at each end with gold french wire.

On collection of the bracelet, Ms. Hoyle was delighted at the final result and expressed that her mother would have also been pleased to see her bracelet restored to such a high standard. We were also thrilled with the final product of this restoration, and are excited to embark on more projects like these in the future. 

Please contact me if you have any questions, and I will be delighted to discuss your requirements