If you have purchased a diamond from W.E. Clark and Son in East Sussex or indeed elsewhere, it's quite likely your polished diamond has passed through Antwerp, which is why it has become a number one trade destination for sourcing brilliant diamonds.

The Antwerp diamond district annually trades 85% of the world's rough diamonds, 50% of cut diamonds and 40% of industrial diamonds.  This is why the team at W.E. Clark & Son use their collective extensive experience to travel to Antwerp to purchase diamonds for their collections such as the Antwerp Collection.

 January 2016 saw the W.E Clark and Son team venture to Antwerp for two days, for an intense focus on over 100 diamonds to select for a new range of bespoke pieces.

 “After 20 years of success with the now well established Clark Collection, it was thought that there was demand for a new and very specific range of jewellery” Said David Clark, Managing Director.

 “Originally we made the trip to purchase diamonds for our Clark  Collection. We were then introduced to the diamonds that would be  used to create this new collection. We tried a selection of pieces over  the Christmas period, and the response was such that we felt we had  to act, and the Antwerp Collection was born.” He added.


The rings, pendants, and earrings within the Antwerp Collection  follow the same principle as the Clark Collection, in that the diamonds are purchased direct from the source and then beautiful settings and mounts are settings and mounts are created to show the diamonds off. 

David continues “The beauty of hand-selecting these diamonds is that we can carefully select each diamond, which means the position on any minor blemishes is not prominent to the eye. A key feature of this range is the incredible value we are able to offer. With the diamonds being selected at the source it means that W.E Clark and Son can secure a saving which in turn can be passed on to the client, with up to 20% discount.

Once the diamonds are back it will take four to six weeks to create the finished piece, sometimes the diamonds will be used within specific client commissions.The beauty being that each of the diamonds is hand selected, resulting in a truly unique piece of jewellery.

“I think the fact that the range is based on the diamonds being the star of the show, and that simple design is the best to show these diamonds at their best. We have some lovely large 1 carat + diamonds that are truly incredible to look at, and their prices make them amazing value for money” said David.

It doesn't end here, further trips to Italy, Munich and a return to Antwerp mean that  W.E Clark and Son can continue to stay well ahead in the beautiful pieces they can offer.


You can view the Antwerp Collection here http://www.weclarkandson.co.uk/brands/antwerp-collection