The Beauty of Clam Pearls

At W.E Clark and Son we come across many unique and beautiful pieces of jewellery, and none more so than natural clam pearls.
The clams that produce these pearls belong to a family of molluscs which is comprised of around 85,000 species, including oysters, abalones, squids, cuttlefish, octopuses, and snails. They are a highly diverse group, and their habitat extends from seawater to fresh water to land.
Clam pearls are extremely rare as they don't produce pearls as frequently as oysters, so they are more sort after and their value is higher.
Not all pearls are natural, there are times when oysters have a little bit of help from harvesters, these people open oysters, cut small slits and insert small irritants under the mantle, this method produces what are called cultured pearls.
We've recently added some beautiful clam pearl items to our website, one, in particular, is this one-off Clam Pearl, Moonstone & Diamond Pendant.


These porcelainous pearls are only produced by clams and as such are very rare and have a really unique beauty to them.


Another is theses Natural Clam Pearl, Diamond and Moonstone set Earrings from our exclusive clark collection



Suspended by a diamond set and moonstone piece, with post and scroll fittings, these earrings are crafted with 18ct white gold.


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