This ring was designed for Mr & Mrs Jones, the customers asked to have a ring crafted in the same style as a ring that Mrs Jones owned previously.
The original ring was designed especially for her and it was to represent her birth stone- Sapphire. We started off the design process by drawing a sketch of what the original ring looked like.

Once we had the sketch we then decided upon the colour of the stone, as the customers birthstone is a sapphire, and the original ring had a pink sapphire in it,
we decided that we would source a pink sapphire to emulate the original design. The shape of the sapphire was to be a cushion cut, and the colour was a stunning 'Hot Pink' hue.
I then invited the customer in to view a selection of pink sapphire cushion cut stones for my customers to look at.

After the customer had selected the pink sapphire, I then had a CAD (computer aided design) render created of how the finished ring would look. 
The ring was to be set in 9ct yellow gold, and the pink sapphire would be set in a rub-over setting with a scallop edge detailing around the stone. 
After showing the customer the CAD images the customers were delighted and asked me to proceed with having the ring made.

These are the CAD (Computer Aided Design) images I presented:

Pink Sapphire Ring Render 1Pink Sapphire Ring Render 2

The Final Ring:

Pink Sapphire Ring


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Kind regards

Katie Carter

Katie Carter
Trainee Assistant Manager
W.E. Clark & Son Limited