Hinged Ring for the Perfect Fit
Having arthritis can make wearing jewellery very difficult, with swollen knuckles, in particular,  meaning that a favourite ring can no longer be worn.
Recently a customer came to us regarding sizing her rings as her arthritis was causing problems with her knuckle joints, however, her arthritis could be unpredictable, so she didn't feel happy about constantly re-sizing them.
So sales consultant Charlotte Morris came up with the idea, she explains “I decided that we could provide her with a band that she could wear without sliding it over the finger by simply having a band with a hinge that she could open and wrap around the bottom of her finger.” 
Charlotte continues “Next I had to start my search and after a few phone calls to various suppliers, I got pointed into the direction of a company called Superfit.”
Superfit are a company based in Philadelphia, who specialise in making hinged rings, including a wide range of different styles in rings, including, single stone engagement rings. Within four weeks the customer had her rings back and was able to collect them in-store.
"It was so exciting to see the customer's reaction to putting her rings on, and she was over the moon with the results." Said Charlotte. 
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