Finding the perfect engagement ring
by Senior Sales Consultant Pippa Reynolds 
Becoming engaged is one of the most wonderful occasions a couple can experience.  But for the customer, long before the question has been asked and champagne popped, they find themselves searching for the one special ring. 
Buying an engagement ring, whilst very exciting can be particularly daunting for our customers. How can they be sure they have chosen the right one? 
It is important for myself and the other members of the sales team to make customers feel  very relaxed and for us to celebrate this incredible time – Champagne, prosecco are always encouraged, it makes the whole experience less nerve-wracking! 
On to the ring. At W E Clark and Son we can offer every kind of engagement ring imaginable. If customers cannot see the design they like in the showroom, we can design and create the perfect ring. Three things to take into consideration when selecting an engagement ring are – Personal style, daily activities and finally budget. This is why before any jewellery is shown we will sit down with the customer, so we can discover more about what will be suitable.  We may ask questions ... What is the partner's style? What type of jewellery do they tend to wear? What kind of work/activities are they in to?  From this, we can start to draw a sense of style and design for the customer. We will then bring a few rings out to show. 
Examples of different styles – 
First of all, traditional. The most classic look would be a beautiful solitaire diamond set on either gold, white gold or platinum. Although historically yellow gold had been the metal of choice, we now find white gold or platinum to be more popular. Diamonds are best showcased when setting in a white metal, as the light is always reflected from their surroundings. 

 Here is a beautiful example of a classic solitaire diamond engagement ring . The ring features a  half carat diamond and is  set in Platinum. (Stock code 0101418, £3895) 
Next, we look at rings that are stylish and outgoing – The halo ring. Halo engagement rings have seriously gained popularity in the last few years. They have a fantastic sparkle and can be set in Platinum, white, yellow and rose gold.  Halo settings add a circle of diamonds around the centre diamond to add sparkle and make the centre diamond appear larger. Often, this design is completed with the ring having diamond set shoulders, to really give the wow factor
Here we have a lovely diamond halo ring. Set in 18ct white gold, 0.76ct in total diamond weight.
(Stock code 0156133 £3295)
Next, we have a very elegant design. A solitaire diamond is often seen with diamond set shoulders. This takes the traditional design, but with added sparkle, is truly elegant.  
 Here is a beautiful example - Set in 18ct white gold featuring diamond split shoulders, with 0.66ct of diamonds.  Perfect for a customer who loves sparkle and flare. (0156107 £3795)
Next, we have Vintage and Romantic. Rings that have a more timeless look, with unusual settings and intricate designs. A ring set in yellow gold is perfect for customers who love jewellery with an antique feel. 
Here is an example - Set in 18ct yellow gold, this pretty ring has a vintage flower design, featuring 7 modern round brilliant cut diamonds. Total  weight 0.75ct (0105054 £2550) 
Finally, modern and contemporary. This is perfect for those who prefer a minimalistic design, also suitable for those who have an active lifestyle, play sports, gardening or an artist. 
A good example of this can be seen in rub over set diamond rings -a thin metal band that hugs the diamond all the way around. The diamond is completely secure whilst having a stylish and outgoing look. 
Once a design has been selected, it is time to consider precious metal options. This is a good opportunity for the customer to decide which they/ their partner  prefer and which would be most suitable based on the customers day to day activities. From speaking with the customer you may attain which specific colour of precious metal there significant other likes. This can be based upon which type of jewellery they would typically wear, are the colours predominantly based on silver, gold or rose hues? Platinum, Palladium and White gold are all silvery white and have an almost identical hue when polished. For someone who prefers gold, yellow gold is the right selection and rose gold for someone who likes pinky hues. 
Precious metal options – 
Platinum – Platinum has a naturally lustrous silvery white colour. It is an extremely rare and pure metal. This makes it an ever popular and sought after choice. It requires very little maintenance making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring that is going to be worn everyday. It is also corrosion resistant, does not  tarnish, and is extremely hard and durable. To take budget into consideration, yes it is the most expensive choice. However, it is truly considered the most superior of all precious metals (worth every penny!) 
White gold – White gold has a similar appearance to Platinum, making it another excellent choice for jewellery. It is naturally yellow and mixed with white metal alloys to change it’s colour. Available in 9ct or 18ct, the difference being the purity. 9ct is 37.5% pure gold whereas 18ct is 75 % pure gold. The process of turning yellow gold into white is called Rhodium plating. This does mean that after time, a year or so, white gold needs to be re-rhodium plated.
In terms of budget, white gold is more affordable than Platinum and is therefore very popular for engagement rings. It is worth considering the maintenance of White gold, this may accrue more cost in the long run. (Re rhodium prices start from £30)
Yellow gold – A beautiful metal rich in its golden colour. With its mixes of metal alloys, yellow gold is very suitable for everyday wear. Yellow gold can be particularly attractive when worn by someone with a darker skin tone. For budget, yellow gold will always be less expensive than Platinum and the same price as white gold. It is worth noting that all of our engagement rings can be remounted into White gold, Yellow gold, Rose gold or Platinum
Rose gold – Rose gold has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It is a lovely precious metal that is mixed with copper to give it it’s pinkish hue. The copper in the alloy lends strength to the rose gold, so it is a durable choice which does not require extra maintenance. 
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