Recently, a customer commissioned a small ladies signet ring version of her grandfather’s ring. As you can see our hand engraver copied the initials exactly.
Pictures below illustrate the stages this signet ring went through to become the finished product.


In addition, we often have a selection of signet rings in our pre-owned collection, these can be found online or in our Uckfield showroom. All pre-owned items are restored to a like-new condition.
Our pre-owned collection has included signets with Tigers Eye, Onyx, Sardonyx, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, Cornelian and Bloodstone. We can of course craft new rings to your own specifications. Traditionally signets are yellow gold; however, they can be crafted from sterling silver, platinum, rose gold or white gold. We offer different sizes and weights, to cater to all budgets.

You can find some signet rings within our Pre-owned Jewellery Collection.

This historical style of jewellery dates back to 1400BC. Traditionally signet rings were made from yellow gold and some featured a flat hard stone on the top of the ring, this is known as the ring’s table. The table can be round, oval or cushion shaped, in different dimensions to suit the wearer’s finger. Each table would have been carved with a symbol personal to the wearer. This is because originally, signet rings were used to leave your mark and assure authenticity, much like a signature is used today. People would melt wax onto the document and press the table of their ring into the wax, leaving a clear and permanent seal mark. As more people became literate, the use of signet rings as document seals declined. Over time, they became more of a status symbol.

Seal Engraving Books

Left: Unique heraldry bookes owned by W.E. Clark & Son. 
Right: Hand engraving underway.

Today’s signet rings aren’t dissimilar to ancient styles as the wearer still personalises their ring with their coat of arms, monogram, family seals or initials. This makes it a perfect item to pass down the generations.

Signet Ring Near Completion

There are no specific rules with signet rings, some have their engraving ‘for show’ which means it reads correctly to the eye, others chose ‘reverse seal’ which is mirrored, so when it is pressed into wax it will then read correctly.
They are usually worn on the little finger however it is up to the wearer.