Ariel Tivon to Visit W.E Clark and Son

W.E. Clark & Son is very excited to announce we will be joined in our Lewes store by Ariel Tivon from Tivon Fine Jewellery on Friday 24th June 2016
Named after its founders - the Tivon family - Tivon Fine Jewellery is a 2nd generation family owned company with over 50 years experience. South African in its roots, TIVON is now based in the United Kingdom and South Africa,  known for its passion for colour combined with old European tastes and design.
David Clark, MD of W.E Clark & Son, continues “For many years here at W.E. Clark & Son we have been creating unique pieces, and we have become very well known for our lovely coloured gemstone jewellery. Both myself, and my father John Clark along with Daniel Blackford travel the world, using our expertise to select the loose gemstones that we then use to make these beautiful pieces.”
W.E Clark & Son first started a trading relationship with Tivon by purchasing some of their spectacular tanzanite items of jewellery and most recently they helped us create the incredible 'Blue Dahlias' piece from our Tapestry in Jewels collection.
“It takes a lot of skill and many years to select the right gemstones, as there are so many factors to consider, including shape size and the proportions of the gem,” David added.
So why not pop into our Lewes store on Friday 24th June to meet Ariel Tivon and give us the opportunity to show you some of these amazing pieces, nothing can beat holding and looking at these items for yourself.
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A selection of these pieces is on our website here