200 years in lewes

It is fair to say that there are not many jewellers who are going strong after 200 years in the trade as us. The 13th June 2019 marked the 200 years of a jewellers being established in Lewes. But also 100 years since Wilfred Ernest Clark (W.E. Clark) established the business and began the Clark legacy in Lewes.

Wilfred Ernest Clark

Let’s go back 100 years and four generations – Wilfred Ernest Clark was originally from Devon but moved to London in 1904. He then decided to follow his passion and move to Lewes where he purchased 1 Cliffe High Street. He ran the business under the façade of ‘Harris & Kenward’ until 1930 when his son, John Clark Sr joins the him, they then change the name to what we know today ‘W.E. Clark and Son’.

John Clark Sr

John Clark Sr met his Italian wife, Bruna while serving in the military in World War 2. They both returned to Lewes where Bruna was well known and loved, Bruna taught Italian and Latin at the Southover Girls School.

John Clark

John Clark Jr took over the business from his father in 1972 at the age of 22. John had trained in other leading jewellers at both Guildford and Tunbridge Wells, he gained his qualification in gemmology and strived to push the business forward. John purchased 224 High Street, which this business trades from today in 1979. W.E. Clark and Son traded from both shops on either side of the bridge up until 2012.

David Clark

David Clark, the 4th generation of the Clark family, joined his father in the business in 2000. Having been away training at a family jeweller in Lichfield Staffordshire, he came home early to help the family business as it was struck by the worst flood to hit the town in 200 years. Both showrooms were destroyed by 4 and 6 feet of water. John and David worked together to rebuild the business.
The business now trades from 224 High Street, which underwent a magnificent transformation in 2012, creating a state-of-the-art luxury showroom.

In 2017 the business expanded once again, into Uckfield with a second showroom.

Today with David Clark pushing the business forward, supported by fellow Director, Daniel Blackford and a passionate and knowledgeable team the business continues to trade and grow successfully – Now that’s something to celebrate!

Lewes 200 year special event