Bespoke Earring Designer

Bespoke Earrings: Made with 200 years of jewellery expertise 

A fabulous pair of bespoke earrings can transform any look, and no jewellery does that more than the bespoke creations from W.E. Clark & Son. We make elegant handcrafted earrings that add real style to any outfit. Whether you would like stud, hoop or drop earrings for everyday wear or as treasured occasion wear, we have the expertise to make you a distinctive pair of earrings we know you will absolutely love to wear.

To commission a unique pair of earrings is a wonderful way to stamp personality on your own style. A unique design with diamonds or gemstones, handpicked by you from our exquisite collection, will give your earrings real character and charm, and complete your outfit so you look and feel amazing.

Perhaps you have a piece of jewellery that is a family heirloom but you don’t wear it because it doesn’t suit your style. We can refashion that into another unique piece of jewellery using the same precious metal and stones.

We are award-winning jewellers with our own expert Goldsmith, experienced Gemmologists and fully trained staff, so you can be sure your jewellery is in safe hands, and we know you will be delighted with the result.

The Clark Bespoke Experience

Our approach to creating any bespoke piece of jewellery is a collaborative one. That’s why we involve you in every step of the design process to ensure your bespoke earrings are a perfectly unique creation you will adore for years to come.

We always listen to your ideas first, because it’s important to us that your bespoke earrings are totally unique to you. Our comprehensive design journey begins in one of our showrooms. In a relaxed atmosphere, we invite you to enjoy a glass of champagne, a tea or a coffee while we get to know you, explore your creative ideas and begin the design process with you.

We will help you to achieve the special pair of bespoke earrings you would like according to your budget. We can for example, use cast pieces, but add bespoke settings and hand selected diamonds or precious gems to make your earrings totally unique to you.

Or we can make every part of your earrings bespoke. Don’t worry if you are not quite sure what you would like. Our expert team can guide you. We can show you a selection of our work, as well as a collection of loose gemstones and explain the differences between the precious metals, so you make all the right choices.

We like to think of our bespoke jewellery design as similar to the process of buying a wedding dress. Ironing out the finer details and trying your earrings on is important to ensure they are made to your exact requirements. Sometimes more than one visit with us is required so we can ensure you are completely happy as your unique earrings take form.

Everything we do is given the same care and attention. Just as we want your bespoke earrings to be the eye-catching jewellery piece you have always imagined it to be, we want your Clark bespoke experience to be just as magical.

It takes about four weeks for a straightforward pair of earrings to be made. We usually get you back in to try your earrings on just before they have their final finish to check you are completely happy with them.

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Our Bespoke Earring Expertise

We are a fourth-generation family jewellers passionate about making bespoke jewellery our clients love. We are delighted to have our own expert Goldsmiths based at our workshop in Lewes so that we can create custom-made earrings and pieces that you will love. We also have our own Master Watchmaker and a Valuations Expert. We like to do everything we can in-house so we can be sure everything we do lives up to our exacting standards.

Our expert gemmologists have several years training, giving them the exceptional knowledge required to source the finest and most exquisite diamonds and gemstones. We invest in our staff because we believe every person working within our business should have the knowledge to guide you in making the perfect jewellery choices.

Our Exceptional Earring Aftercare

We want your earrings to look at their best for life, so we offer a lifetime cleaning service. Simply pop into see us at anytime and we will clean and polish your bespoke earrings to ensure they continue to sparkle free of charge. On most occasions this can be done while you wait.

Come and See Us

If you are interested in commissioning a pair of custom-made earrings with exceptional quality and sparkle, and with every fine detail guided by your ideas, our professional and expert team are on hand to help you. Call us now or book an appointment for a bespoke consultation through our contacts page. We would love to meet you and will do everything we can to exceed expectations every step of the way.


How much do bespoke earrings cost?

The cost of your bespoke earrings will depend on the design, gemstone and metals you want to include in your custom piece. We can disucss your budget and costs when you book a consultation with us or come into one of our showrooms. 

Can I include existing gemstones in my bespoke earrings?

Yes! You can bring in any existing pieces of jewellery you love that you want to incorporate into your bespoke earrings. Maybe you have a brooch from your grandmother that you don't wear, but love the sapphire in it. You can pay homage to the original piece and have the sapphire put into your besoke earrings. 

How long does it take to make bespoke earrings?

The length of time it takes to make your bespoke earrings depends on the design and complexity. We source all of our gemstones ourselves to ensure they are the highest quality possible, and our in-house master Goldsmith will create the earrings. We can discuss the time frame of your bespoke earrings when you book a consultation with us, or come in to one of our showrooms.